Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia has everything that makes a great teen dramedy: murder, mystery, a new city, and secrets galore — here are a number of Georgia’s best decisions and Georgia’s worst decisions. After running away from their past, Georgia and her two kids, Ginny and Austin, move to the small town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, to start a fresh chapter. But it looks like it’s hard for this family to turn a new page with the number of secrets they keep from each other. Ginny and Austin are constantly mad at their mother Georgia for the choices she makes.

Georgia typically has a reason for doing what she does, but she can’t be honest with her kids about her motives. This creates major tension in the Miller household. While some of Georgia’s best decisions usually come from a place of keeping the health and wellbeing of her kids as priority #1, Georgia’s worst decisions usually stem from her manipulative nature and willingness to engage in illegal activities. Sometimes her hands are tied, but sometimes she takes these choices to the extreme, and ends up doing a lot of harm. Here are Georgia’s six best and worst choices on the show thus far.



Smart Move: Moving To Wellsbury Was Good For The Kids

Ginny and Georgia driving in a convertible

One of Georgia’s best decisions was starting over. After the death (murder) of Georgia’s second husband, Kenny, she moved the family from Texas to Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Georgia heard of Wellsbury when she was a teenager and it always stayed with her. She figured there was no better time for a new chapter than after suffering a loss. Regardless of Georgia’s intentions, moving to Wellsbury was great for the kids. Ginny finally made friends and went to a school that was challenging enough for her, and Austin had a great teacher who cared for him.

Wrong Choice: Stealing Money From The Mayor Was Risky Business

georgia sitting at home after a long day in netflixs ginny & georgia

Unfortunately, one of Georgia’s worst decisions was stealing money from the mayor. Georgia’s late husband, Kenny, was a very wealthy man. When he died, his money went to Georgia and her children. However, Kenny’s first wife was able to freeze that money after she launched an investigation into his death, meaning Georgia doesn’t get Kenny’s money. Without the inheritance, Georgia began writing checks to herself from the mayor’s office — and it certainly wasn’t an unsubstantial amount of cash. Georgia eventually paid the money back after Georgia gets Kenny’s money, but she could have easily been sent to jail.

Smart Move: Getting A Job In Wellsbury Was Her Only Choice

ginny and georgia - paul talking to georgia

Another one of Georgia’s best decisions was getting a good job in Wellsbury. Georgia could have easily lived off of Kenny’s money and proceeded to help out around the community as something to do, but it would have looked odd to her new friends and enemies. By Georgia getting a job, she was able to contribute to her family on her own, along with making powerful relationships in government and finding a lover in Paul. Plus, with Kenny’s money frozen, Georgia had no choice but to get a job to pay her bills — and her shopping habit, leading to some of Georgia’s best outfits.

Wrong Choice: Creating Credit Cards In Her Son’s Name Was Identity Theft

Austin excited for a car picnic in Ginny & Georgia

By far one of Georgia’s worst decisions was getting credit cards in Austin’s name. When Georgia needed money quickly, viewers saw her taking out credit cards in her son’s name. Considering Austin was a minor and that the card was not being used by him, this is considered identity theft — not to mention that it could ruin Austin’s credit when he gets older. Paul saw the credit card statements in Austin’s name and knew he had to have a professional conversation with Georgia — especially since he was the mayor of Wellsbury. As always, Georgia got her way out of the situation, but it was a poor parenting choice.

Smart Move: Pushing Ginny To Get A Job Builds Character

Ginny starts working at the blue farm cafe in ginny & georgia

When Ginny was caught shoplifting, Georgia was beyond upset. Not only was this not something Ginny would normally do but Georgia was worried about the extra stigma that would surround her daughter as a woman of color in a flawed society. However, one of Georgia’s best decisions was steering her daughter in the right direction by pushing Ginny to get a job and not follow in her footsteps. Seeing as Ginny needed extra money, Georgia got her a job at the Blue Farm Cafe. The job was perfect for Ginny because it was where all her friends gathered after school, and it kept her busy.

Wrong Choice: She Murdered Two Men

Georgia touching flower on Ginny and Georgia

Arguably Georgia’s worst decisions were murdering her ex-husbands. She married her first husband to get custody of her daughter after the state didn’t see Georgia as responsible enough to raise a child at such a young age. But after her older and predatory husband wanted more from her, she crushed pills in his drink and killed him. Years later, Georgia poisoned her husband Kenny with a dangerous flower in his smoothie after she saw him getting handsy with her daughter. Georgia felt like she had no choice but to get rid of him. Surprisingly, what happens to Georgia’s lovers isn’t what catches up with her.

Smart Move: Distrusting New People Was For The Best

Cynthia fuller talking to georgia on the street of ginny & georgia

On the outside, Georgia may seem like a total sweetheart but she doesn’t trust people easily, which surprisingly leads to one of Georgia’s best decisions. She’s always one step ahead of those around her. With Cynthia Fuller, she knew right away that she was a mother with power but to keep her at arm’s length. Cynthia had the personality of a friendly woman, but she was actually a snake. Georgia’s red flags were also raised when she met Nick’s boyfriend Jesse. After researching, she found out that Jesse was actually a private investigator named Gabriel who was spying on her.

Wrong Choice: Getting Involved With A High-Profile Man So Quickly Looks Sketchy

Paul talking to Georgia on Ginny ad Georgia

Paul is a handsome, well-connected man, but getting involved so quickly may have been one of Georgia’s worst decisions. It makes sense that Georgia was instantly attracted to him but it might have been the wrong choice. For starters, she promised her kids that it was just going to be the three of them for a while, but she instantly started something with the most prominent man in the city. This meant all eyes were on her, which was a horrible move considering how dark her past is. Anything Georgia does can and will affect Paul and the city of Wellsbury.

Smart Move: Getting Involved At Ginny’s School

Ginny doing Georgia's hair on Ginny and Georgia

Getting involved at Ginny’s school meant that she would be more involved with Ginny’s life, and it turned out to be one of Georgia’s best decisions in Ginny & Georgia. The two have a few deep-rooted issues between them, but by helping out at school, Georgia wouldn’t be so distant from her daughter. She’d be more familiar with her friends and how the school ran. Plus, it’s Georgia’s fear that Ginny would become exactly like her, so by involving herself at school, she’d have a better understanding of her daughter’s life and what she’s up to.

Wrong Choice: Ignoring Her Youngest Son’s Desires

Georgia looking upset and talking to son Austen outside school on Ginny & Georgia

The show is called Ginny & Georgia, but there’s a third party involved: Austin. Austin is pushed aside in the series, resulting in some of Georgia’s worst decisions toward her only son. Because of his age, Georgia always assumed that her son was happy-go-lucky and didn’t understand what was going on, but Austin had strong points of view that were ignored. He was left home alone a lot and Georgia had no idea that her son was skipping school or being bullied on a daily basis. She was so obsessed with her own personal struggles that she completely ignored her son’s.

Smart Move: Telling Paul What Happened With Gil

Gil threatening Georgia in Ginny and Georgia

Ginny & Georgia saw the return of Austin’s physically and psychologically abusive father Gil. Surprisingly, Georgia didn’t end up murdering this one, but she did frame him for embezzlement (something he was already doing) and get him put in jail. When Gil gets out he makes a beeline for Georgia and Austin, threatening to get custody of his son and making Georgia’s life a nightmare in the process. This time around sees one of Georgia’s best decisions is when she tells Paul what happened with Gil, and he threatens Gil with legal action for violating his parole.

Wrong Choice: Killing Tom Fuller

Georgia arrested in Ginny and Georgia season 2

Killing Tom Fuller in season 2 turned out to be one of Georgia’s worst decisions, as the end result was that Georgia goes to jail in the Ginny & Georgia season 2 finale. When Georgia’s neighbor Cynthia tearfully admitted how hard it was on her and her son for her husband Tom to be living in a coma, Georgia took matters into her own hands and smothered him with a pillow. While P.I. Cordova wasn’t able to nab any evidence on Kenny or Anthony’s murder, he did find something when it came to Tom Fuller. During Georgia’s wedding to Paul, she was arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller.

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