Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Xbox Game Pass version for current generation consoles and PC is underway with a 2023 release date. Developer Tango Gameworks’ supernatural action-adventure game was first released in March 2022, for PS5 consoles and PC. The release on Microsoft’s subscription service will end the year-long console exclusivity deal with Sony. Now, Xbox Series X/S owners will be able to test out the game.

Aside from the addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, publisher Bethesda Softworks announced that Ghostwire: Tokyo will also receive a free new content update across all platforms. Despite the surprising acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox, this update will be available on the game’s original platforms, PS5 and PC, as well as the ones covered by Xbox Game Pass, be that a current-gen console or PC, too.


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When Ghostwire: Tokyo Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass

Ghostwire Tokyo's main character, Akito, using a Wind power, which is represented by green energy, inside a temple.

According to Bethesda, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Xbox Game Pass launch will be on April 12. Starting that date, Xbox Series X/S and PC Game Pass players will be able to play the game. It is important to note that the game will also be added to the Microsoft Store, for those who wish to buy the digital product and, perhaps, do not subscribe to Game Pass. Buying it will also guarantee permanent access to the title if it ever leaves the Xbox Game Pass service.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s New Story Content & Game Mode Details

A Walker Yokai, a creature without eyes on its face and in a suit, holds up an umbrella in the empty streets of Ghostwire: Tokyo's Shibuya.

Along with the Xbox Game Pass release, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s new content, called the “Spider’s Thread” update, will arrive on April 12, according to Bethesda. This means PS5 and PC players who already own the game and have it installed will be able to start the update. Xbox Game Pass subscribers and Xbox Series X/S, on the other hand, will download the up-to-date and expanded version.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Spider’s Thread update will feature a new game mode, appropriately called Spider’s Thread. This game mode sees Akito face a 30-stage gauntlet with the sole objective of getting to the end. Tango prepared a total of 120 different levels, so players will have to repeat the activity to experience all of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s new supernatural stages. With elements that resemble those of roguelike games, players will gradually unlock skills and be able to acquire upgrades as they progress through the randomly selected levels. The main difference is that these levels are not procedurally generated.

In addition to the Spider’s Thread game mode, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s new content update coming alongside the Xbox Game Pass launch will also have new expansions to the game’s map. Among these additions is the Middle School area, according to Bethesda. Players will be able to engage in new quests within these new locations, though it has not yet been revealed how many missions are being made available in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Shibuya district. The main story is also being revamped with extended cutscenes, showing more details of Akito’s quest to defeat Hannya and save his sister.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo’s free new update will also introduce new opponent types to help round out the robust upgrade Xbox Game Pass subscribers are receiving. Bethesda mentions Silent Gaze and Retribution as some of the new enemies, but does not specify exactly how many are arriving and if they will be exclusive to the new areas or if they will be spread out across Tokyo. Another reason for veteran and new players to explore the game is to face these enemies with Akito’s new skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo, which includes Charge Rush and Counter Attack. Though the number of new abilities has not been revealed, anything is a boon, considering the game’s fairly limited options.

Ultimately, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s release for Xbox Game Pass is the most exciting news. Nonetheless, a load of fresh new content may not only encourage veteran players to return to Tango’s horror-fueled Tokyo but also give new ones an improved introduction to the already impressive setting. Tango Gameworks has been hard at work recently because, aside from Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Xbox version and content update, the studio recently released Hi-Fi Rush, which was well-received among critics and players alike.

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