Genshin Impact’s increasing use of events featuring trial characters has proven to be a welcome boon for both HoYoverse’s banners and the players.

Recently, Genshin Impact has included more events that allow access to trial characters, which is a great boon to players and the 5-Star banners. Genshin Impact is home to numerous quality characters with game-changing abilities and stats; the problem for many players is acquiring them. Often, 5-Star characters require multiple updates of saving up or a monetary purchase of gems. Both methods have pros and cons, and the player collection comes into this a lot, but for newer players trying to build a capable roster, this can feel like a handcuff.

Recent events like the Fayz and Adventurers Trials have included trial characters to make teams for or supplement a player’s current team. These trial characters are not built to completion but are built up well enough to showcase a character’s potential power. These trials, often filled with Genshin Impact‘s most popular characters, were also repeatable and allowed players to experiment with any possible composition they wanted.

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Why Trial Characters Help 5-Star Banners In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Is Hu Tao or Yelan Better

For some players, especially free-to-play, there is no worse feeling than spending their hard-earned gems or money on a 5-Star just not to enjoy them or be able to use them. Trial characters teach players how they work, preventing regret and building up hype for when the banners come around. Most recently, Yelen, given it is also her first rerun, has seen massive success, partly due to her banner partner Hu Tao, but also all the access players have been given to her since her initial release. This extra time players get with Genshin Impact characters can build more hype than any video or word of mouth can, resulting in a process that helps both the developer and the player.

Why Genshin Impact’s Trial Characters Are Great For Players

Genshin Impact's Nilou dances while a green energy flows behind her. In the background is the Sumeru landscape with Sumeru City immediately behind the character.

Trial characters, in turn, help players by giving them a sense of whether they will enjoy or be able to use them. Genshin Impact‘s Nilou and her builds are a perfect example of this, as she is a character that can do significant damage but needs a particular team around her. If players don’t have the ability to create that team or simply don’t find Nilou fun, they save materials and time by avoiding her banner. This may be a relatively simple reason, but it can be huge for players who do not have much time to play the game or money to spend on speeding up the process.

Due to the recent success of 5-Star banners and new characters still on the way, more events with trial characters will likely appear. This is excellent news for both sides as it will continue to make HoYoverse money while benefiting some players when it comes to the final judgment of Genshin Impact‘s new and future characters. Though HoYoverse can be a bit pricey regarding certain aspects of Genshin Impact, it is good to see the company implementing a process to help 5-star banners and players alike.

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