A new Genshin Impact Fontaine leak featuring Charlotte has revealed the Vision (Element) and weapon type she uses in combat – and with the combination, she might as well be the first of her kind. Charlotte is a journalist from the Fontaine region and will be the first one that the Traveler meets as she will visit the currently available regions in Teyvat ahead of the Nation of Justice’s release later this year. Although she will be added as an NPC in the Genshin Impact 3.7 events, she will become playable in a later version of the game.


This is confirmed by the fact that she does not have the standard NPC character design, but also wields a Vision, indicating that she has mastery over an Element and is, therefore, playable. Even though players will still have to wait a while before controlling her, a new Genshin Impact leak regarding Fontaine’s Charlotte has revealed what type of weapon she uses and exactly what Element she takes into battle with her Vision.

Genshin Impact’s Charlotte May Finally Debut A Vision & Weapon Combination

Genshin Impact's Kirara stands to the left, the male Traveler slightly to the right, Charlotte behind him to the right, and Paimon to the right. They look at something off-camera in the desert. There is a Teleport Waypoint behind them.

According to a new piece of information shared by the popular Genshin Impact leaker called Merlin_Impact on Twitter, the Fontaine journalist character known as Charlotte will be a Catalyst user with a Cryo Vision. A Cryo Catalyst character does not currently exist in the game, and if the Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks are true, Charlotte may actually debut the combination once she arrives as a playable character. While her weapon has yet to be seen, her Cryo Vision was somewhat confirmed, as it can be seen on her outfit with the Genshin Impact 3.7 promotional material.

Why Charlotte’s Cryo Catalyst Combo In Genshin Impact Is So Relevant

Genshin Impact's Charlotte holds a Kamera gadget in her hands while she smiles in the viewer's direction. She is in Inazuma, as seen from the style of the decorations in the background.

Charlotte’s Cryo Catalyst combination is important for Genshin Impact players, and not only due to its novelty. Catalysts are the only type of weapon to rapidly imbue attacks with the character’s Elements without the use of an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst. As such, players can constantly apply the Element to enable reactions, even if their abilities are in cooldown. So far, there is not a single Cryo character capable of doing this, and the Genshin Impact Fontaine leak with Charlotte seems to indicate the wait will come to an end.

Cryo archers, like Ganyu or Diona, can apply the Element without abilities but have to fully charge their shots to successfully apply Cryo. The charging process takes some time, and the time can be enough for other Elements to wear off, making the reactions hard to obtain. If the Genshin Impact Fontaine leak with Charlotte is accurate, this is good news for players who want to build more consistent Permafreeze, Melt, or Superconduct teams. Of course, Charlotte’s role in a Genshin Impact team comp is still unknown, but the mere fact that she can quickly apply Cryo with a Catalyst is game-changing.

Source: Merlin_Impact/Twitter

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