Developer HoYoverse has confirmed the two playable characters it is adding to Genshin Impact’s roster with Version 3.6. One of them ends a long wait.

Genshin Impact 3.6’s playable characters have been officially confirmed by developer HoYoverse. The open-world RPG is currently in Version 3.4 and is heading toward Version 3.5 on March 1, when it will add Dehya as a 5-star character and, eventually, Mika, as a 4-star hero.

In two Twitter posts, developer HoYoverse announced Sumeru’s Kaveh and Liyue’s Baizhu as Genshin Impact’s playable characters for Version 3.6. Both Dendro-Vision characters had already appeared in the game a few times as NPCs related to the story and their designs had already suggested they would be playable options, but that has now been confirmed.


If HoYoverse follows through with Genshin Impact’s six-week schedule without any delays, they should be added to the game sometime around April 12, or at least starting with that period since one of them can appear in the update’s Phase 2.

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Kaveh Was Introduced In Genshin Impact 3.2

Kaveh Drinking Tea Genshin Impact

Kaveh, also known as Alhaitham’s roommate, was revealed as an NPC not too long ago. The architect from the Sumeru region has been shown bickering with the Akademiya’s scholar. Although he was officially revealed as a playable character in Genshin Impact 3.6, Kaveh’s weapon of choice has still not been confirmed. Previous leaks indicate that he may be a claymore user, meaning he will be the first to have a Dendro-claymore combination in the game. Players should be wary, however, because Genshin Impact leaks are more dangerous than ever with HoYoverse doubling down on leakers.

Baizhu Ends A Two-Year Wait In Genshin Impact

Baizhu's torso in Genshin Impact. Around his neck is his pet snake Changsheng.

Baizhu, on the other hand, has been in the game since launch. His confirmation as one of the playable characters for Genshin Impact 3.6 ends more than two years of waiting. Dendro was not available in the game since the beginning, which justifies his absence from the playable roster. However, once HoYoverse announced Version 3.0 and the addition of Dendro as a playable Element, players suspected Baizhu, the only Dendro character in the game, would be confirmed as playable.

Genshin Impact’s Tighnari and Collei were the first playable Dendro characters in 3.0, along with the Traveler. Baizhu’s confirmation as a playable character in Genshin Impact 3.6 ends the long wait period. It is confirmed he uses a Dendro Vision, though his weapon is still a mystery.

Kaveh and Baizhu’s confirmation as playable characters in Genshin Impact 3.6 indicates that HoYoverse is keen on expanding the Dendro element’s presence in the game. While there are still few characters that can wield it compared to other elements, Dendro can provide some of the strongest Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact, making them a great choice. With more characters added, players will have more options to choose from when building teams and combining Elements across Genshin Impact’s many battlefields.

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