Although Game of Thrones introduces many magical elements and dangerous substances, such as Wildfire, not many know how it works. Wildfire can be found in Westeros, a huge continent ruled by multiple wealthy family houses and where the Iron Throne resides. The Iron Throne is the highest seat of power in Westeros, and the person who sits there is the most influential figure on the continent. It is also because of this Iron Throne that there is an exhaustive battle as all the houses try to claim the seat in the aftermath of King Robert Baratheon’s death.


Game of Thrones constantly reminds characters that honor, integrity, and faith aren’t effective weapons in Westeros. In the battle for the Iron Throne, those who thrive play dirty. A good swordfighter is vital in Game of Thrones, but intelligence can be just as important, especially when it comes to using methods that will catch enemies off-guard. That’s where Wildfire comes in, with its spectacular green hue.

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Wildfire Is A Powerful Weapon That Can Destroy Anything In Its Path

Sept of Baelor Wildfire Explosion in the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

Wildfire is a highly flammable substance known for its distinctive green color and its volatile nature; extinguishing Wildfire takes a lot of work and probably a few lives will be lost in the process. Every Wildfire explosion occurs with enormous force and the heat is so strong that not even water can put it out. For this reason, Wildfire can be utilized as a powerful weapon by those who can deal with its dangerous nature. The substance features two of the most catastrophic moments in Game of Thrones.

In Game of Thrones season 2, Tyrion Lannister, one of the smartest characters in the show, consults the Alchemists’ Guild (the group that creates and controls Wildfire) in order to orchestrate a dangerous plan. In preparation to fight Stannis Baratheon’s deadly fleet, Tyrion takes eight thousand Wildfire jars and loads them into a single ship. In one of the most shocking scenes, he then tells Bronn to fire a flaming arrow into the ship, causing a massive explosion that instantly pulverizes most of Stannis’ fleet

In season 6, Wildfire is once again used by a Lannister to generate a huge explosion, this time by Cersei. To get rid of her foes and forcibly take over the Iron Throne, Cersei uses Wildfire to explode the Sept of Baelor and kill several Game of Thrones characters in there. Because of Wildfire’s highly flammable nature, the explosion gets out of hand and also causes the death of several innocent King’s Landing citizens who were nearby. While Tyrion’s plan was a valid strategy to fight off his enemies, Cersei’s scheme is the perfect representation of the effects of the reckless use of Wildfire.

Wildfire Is Inspired By A Real-Life Substance

Wildfire explosion in Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin applies many real-life elements to his stories, including how Wildfire works. A similar substance, called Greek Fire, was invented in 672. It consists of a combustible compound used by the Byzantines in naval battles, similar to Tyrion’s use of Wildfire (via Den of Geek). Just like Game of Thrones green fire, once Greek Fire starts, it can’t be stopped. Additionally, it also burns in contact with water. Greek Fire was usually used with flame-throwing devices, ensuring a quick and effective way to get rid of enemy ships.

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