New AI art turns the animated Futurama into a 1980s-style live-action science-fiction movie, and the result is really quite something to behold.

Futurama gets the AI art treatment, with the cast of the animated show turned into live-action science fiction movie characters from the 1980s. First airing in 1999, Futurama is created by Matt Groening, known also for creating The Simpsons. The show follows Fry, a pizza delivery boy who is frozen in the year 1999 and subsequently thawed out a thousand years later. Futurama concluded in 2013 but is set to return for a revival on Hulu, with most of the original cast returning.


Now, as the Futurama reboot release date inches closer, new AI-generated art shared by Four Finger Discount (@fourfingerpod) transforms elements of the show into a 1980s-style live-action movie. Check out the art below:

The art features live-action versions of Fry, Bender, Leela, Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth, among others. Although certain elements of the AI-generated art are certainly intriguing, the images make a strong case for Futurama remaining firmly in the animation medium.

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What To Expect From The Futurama Reboot

Zoidberg and Marianne in love Futurama

Hulu officially announced in February of last year that Futurama would be returning for a new season, which would consist of 20 episodes in total. The show doesn’t yet have a firm release date, but the episodes are expected to hit the streamer at some point in the summer of 2023. While plot details remain scarce, episode titles have hinted at some of what’s to come.

The Futurama reboot episode titles include the likes of “The Impossible Stream,” “Rage Against The Vaccine,” “Zapp Gets Cancelled,” “Children of a Lesser Bog,” “Parasites Regained,” and “All the Way Down,” which are all cheekily in keeping with the tone of previous titles. Some of the titles do indicate that the Futurama reboot will be tackling some modern issues, potentially related to the COVID-19 pandemic, while others tease callbacks to past storylines, including Fry’s parasite storyline back in season 2 and potentially a visit from Kif and Amy’s babies.

Fortunately, many of the original voice actors will be returning for the Futurama reboot, including Joe DiMaggio, Billy West, Katey Sagal, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, and Phil Lamarr, among others. With 2023 now well underway, it’s likely that the Futurama reboot’s official release date will soon be getting announced. Thankfully, however, the reboot will be continuing the animated medium for the show instead of adopting a strange live-action approach, as depicted in the art above.

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Source: Four Finger Discount (@fourfingerpod)

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