Full House star Dave Coulier wants to see a spin-off of Full House dedicated to Bob Saget. Originally a sitcom starring Saget as Danny Tanner, Full House was a family show that explored the realities of living in a dysfunctional American family. While Full House ended in 1995, it was revived with a spin-off titled Fuller House, which concluded in 2020.

Now, Coulier is interested in putting together another Full House spin-off. One year after Bob Saget’s tragic death, the cast of Full House continues to honor him. In an interview with People, Coulier pitched the idea of a new show that could provide a new way of recognizing and respecting Saget’s memory. Check out his quote below:


“I would love to do Fullest House, where maybe it’s like all of us as adults, and we’re kind of like the Friends cast where we sit around and talk, and we share moments, and we keep Bob [Saget]’s legacy alive.”

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Would A Full House Spin-Off Truly Honor Bob Saget?

Bob Saget in Full House

If Coulier fulfills his dream, a new Full House spin-off would feature all of Danny Tanner’s children coming together to honor him. Bob Saget was such a central part to the show that it can be difficult to imagine a sequel that doesn’t feature Saget, but it should be acknowledged that Fuller House also lacked his presence for a majority of the show. It proves that the idea could certainly work, though execution could be an issue.

Since Fuller House‘s ending failed in comparison to Full House, Fullest House could provide an opportunity to improve the show’s legacy as well. As the family comes together to acknowledge their own personal ties, they can address old storylines and create new ones. The separate families, born from a triple wedding, can come together in unique conflicts, as their dysfunction continues to grow.

Full House is all about the importance of family. Throughout every tragedy and every hurt, the family comes together and bonds. After the shocking blow that came from Saget’s death, a Full House revival can offer the opportunity for the Full House cast and crew to reunite one last time to attempt to do the same. It’s a brilliant way to respect Bob Saget’s memory and the world of Full House.

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