The Netflix original series FUBAR delivered on its promise of classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action in season 1, but will there be a season 2? From creator Nick Santora (Scorpion), FUBAR is the story of a CIA agent on the verge of retirement who must team up with his secret agent daughter to take down an international criminal. Besides its heap of action and remarkable ensemble, FUBAR season 1’s biggest claim to fame came in the casting of action icon Schwarzenegger in his very first major role on TV. Outside the appeal of Schwarzenegger, the hilarious action comedy set itself up perfectly for season 2.


Unlike many other streaming shows which play it safe and wrap things up cleanly at the end of their first season, FUBAR made it obvious that the story continues even after season 1’s conclusion. With a premise as open-ended as FUBAR‘s the possibilities for future seasons are nearly endless, and the show could grow into a legitimate action franchise. Though the initial reception to season 1 has been mixed at best (via Rotten Tomatoes), having Schwarzenegger in the cast of FUBAR could be enough to propel the series into the future with a season 2.

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FUBAR Season 2 Is Not Confirmed

Fubar cast in a car driven by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Though FUBAR is a high-profile streaming exclusive, no word has come regarding a second season from Netflix or anyone else involved in the production. That isn’t entirely unusual though, and even the most popular debuting streaming series take a while to be greenlit for additional seasons. Another positive sign for FUBAR season 2 comes with the fact that Schwarzenegger landed a perfect Netflix job as the streamer’s Chief Action Officer earlier in 2023. Though the role is purely ceremonial, it shows that the beloved action icon has bought into Netflix’s program and could return for season 2 of FUBAR.

FUBAR Season 2 Release Date Info

Aldon and Roo point at each other in FUBAR

With nothing confirmed regarding FUBAR season 2, it is still possible to speculate about a release date based on information regarding the production of season 1 and Netflix’s track record of releasing shows. It was reported by Movie Web in September 2022 that principal photography wrapped on FUBAR season 1, and with the episodes dropping on Netflix in May 2023, the turnaround time was pretty quick for a visual effects-heavy series. Therefore, if FUBAR season 2 is greenlit soon, it could debut on the streaming platform as early as Summer 2024.

FUBAR Season 2 Cast

Luke walks away from a ball of flame in FUBAR

Schwarzenegger’s FUBAR role explains his success by allowing him to play an action hero with a sense of humor, and FUBAR season 2 would absolutely need the former governor to have any chance to succeed. If FUBAR does return for season 2, it can be expected that Schwarzenegger would return as Luke Brunner, and he would most likely be joined by Monica Barbaro as his daughter Emma Brunner because of how important their dynamic is to the series.

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Additionally, the supporting cast could return en masse because of their comedic value, and notables like Fortune Feimster as Ruth, Jay Baruchel as Carter, Milan Carter as Barry, Aparna Brielle as Tina, Barbara Eve Harris as Dot, Travis Van Winkle as Aldon, Fabiana Udenio as Tally, and Andy Buckley as Donnie could all be expected. The return of Gabriel Luna as Boro is dubious since he seemingly met his demise in the season 1 finale, but he could unexpectedly return in FUBAR season 2 as villains often do in action movies and shows.

FUBAR Season 2 Story Details

Carter sits on the couch with Emma in FUBAR

Unlike most action stories which focus primarily on the main plot, FUBAR season 1 wove a complicated web of interpersonal drama, and it mostly went unresolved after eight episodes. The finale established that the Brunner’s cover had been blown and that they were the targets of dangerous forces who wanted to wipe them out, and that will obviously be the bulk of the story when and if FUBAR season 2 does eventually materialize. However, season 1 left at least two love triangles still to be figured out, and season 2 will have to grapple with those as well.

Emma’s relationship with Carter was put on the rocks because of her kissing Aldon, and Luke’s desire to win Tally back from Donnie wasn’t resolved even after their wedding was crashed by Boro and his men. The true power of FUBAR season 2’s story isn’t going to come from the dastardly villains or big action sequences, but it will come from the exploration of Emma and Luke’s relationships. Their years as secret agents have obviously had a profound effect on the lives of their loved ones, and FUBAR season 2 will give the Brunners a chance to make up for past mistakes.

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