• Courteney Cox hilariously imitates her character Monica from Friends by revealing her own secret cluttered closet in an Instagram post.
  • The post references a memorable scene from Friends where Chandler discovers Monica’s hoarded closet, contradicting her typically organized behavior.
  • Cox frequently shares content related to Friends on social media, showcasing her love for the beloved sitcom and delighting viewers with nostalgic moments.

Friends actor Courteney Cox imitates Monica Geller in real life with her secret closet. The sitcom, which premiered on NBC back in 1994, is often considered one of the most popular shows on television, airing for ten seasons and maintaining its longevity through syndication and a dedicated fanbase. It focuses on six friends living in Manhattan, and the various personal and professional adventures they experience. Cox famously portrayed Monica, the younger sister of Ross (David Schwimmer), who has a competitive nature and fixation on keeping things clean and organized.

In a recent Instagram post, Cox mimicked her character on Friends by comically revealing her own secret closet. Check out the post below:

She begins the video by taking a tour of her dining room, but the camera pans to an open closet, seemingly full of clutter, which serves as a hilarious reference to Monica. In the caption, she also admitted that “we all have one.”

What Happened With Monica’s Secret Closet?

Chandler and Monica look at Monica's messy closet in Friends

That post appears to be a callback to the moment Chandler (Matthew Perry) discovered Monica’s hoarded closet in Friends season 8, a scene that contradicted her usually organized behavior. When he questioned her about the door being locked, Monica simply claimed that she stored personal items behind it. After finally deciding to take off its hinges, Chandler realized its contents and goaded her about actually being untidy.

That specific instance in Friends remains memorable for the way it amusingly uncovered one of Monica’s secrets, and viewers are likely enjoying Cox’s reference to it. However, this is not the first time she has posted something related to the beloved sitcom. Cox has made videos utilizing Friends filters, and even recreated Monica and Ross’ now iconic dance with Ed Sheeran, and reunited with fellow co-stars, including Jennifer Aniston, on several occasions.

The nod to Monica’s secret closet is sure to get a reaction from those familiar with Friends and Cox’s character. What makes it even funnier is her defensive reaction, which varies a little bit from Monica’s, though the caption suggests she’s embracing it. In the show, she appeared more shocked and embarrassed by Chandler finding out.

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