Kelsey Grammer hypes up the Frasier reboot’s new ensemble in light of the OG cast’s absence such as David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin & Jane Leeves.

Star and producer Kelsey Grammer hypes up the Frasier reboot’s new ensemble after none of the original characters are set to be series regulars. After years in development limbo, Frasier Crane’s return is finally set on Paramount+. No release date has been set, but filming has already started for the project with an all-new cast.

Contrary to previously released information, Grammer has confirmed that some original Frasier characters will be in the revival. That being said, the focus will still be on Frasier and the reboot’s new ensemble which the actor hypes up in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. Read his full quote below:


“There are many festive appearances we might be able to rely on but let the show find its legs. Let the folks want to live with this new group of people. There’s a nice, really, really wonderful group of people in the show. I think the audience is gonna love them.”

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Why Frasier’s New Ensemble Cast Will Make Or Break The Reboot

Frasier Reboot Nicholas Lyndhurst

In lieu of the old Seattle crew is Frasier’s new gang in Boston where the revival will take place. British comedy legend Nicholas Lyndhurst will play the titular character’s long-time friend, Alan Cornwall. Meanwhile, Jack Cutmore-Scott and Anders Keith will portray Frasier’s son Frederick “Freddy” Crane and nephew, David (son of Niles and Daphne). Given the latter’s involvement, it’s likely that the show will include references to his parents, including what they have been up to in the last few years.

Dubbed Frasier Crane’s fourth act as it will acknowledge what happened to the character during his spontaneous trip to Chicago at the end of the original sitcom in the name of love, the revival is expected to once again lean on the familial elements of the story. John Mahoney’s Crane patriarch, Martin, will be honored, Grammer has previously teased, but he has yet to reveal how. In any case, the Frasier reboot exploring his relationship with Freddy could be a parallel to his dynamic with his own father which was a central element in the original show.

Despite having a titular character in Grammer’s snooty psychiatrist, Frasier has always been an ensemble series. Each cast member was given their own compelling narrative, especially Niles. This made the show complex and always exciting. Frasier, as a character, has always been at his best when he’s surrounded by the right people. He was lucky to have that in both Cheers and Frasier, hopefully, he can once again strike gold in the revival.

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