Despite not being mainstays in the Paramount+ project, Kelsey Grammer confirms that the Frasier reboot will indeed feature original cast members.

The original characters will be in the Frasier reboot after all. Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane is returning to the small screen via the Paramount+ reboot. But unlike the original show, the new series will not take place in Seattle, hence why none of the original cast members will be mainstays in the project.

Despite that, Grammer tells Entertainment Tonight that the reboot will indeed feature some original cast members even though the Frasier revival will be set in Boston. This is after the actor opened up about David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, and Jane Leeves turning down the upcoming Paramount+ project. Read his full quote below:


The OGs are going to be present. Yes, we will have some OG presence.

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Which Original Frasier Cast Member Will Appear In The Reboot

Roz in her booth in Frasier

The Frasier revival is confirmed to pay tribute to John Mahoney, who played the Crane patriarch, Martin Crane. But aside from him, everyone else could pop in and appear in the revival. For what it’s worth, the fact that Niles and Daphne’s son will be featured in the Paramount+ show should be an indication that David’s parents will somehow make a cameo. However, considering Hyde Pierce’s sentiment about revisiting the character, it may be more difficult to pull this off.

Roz, however, would be the perfect candidate for a special Frasier guest appearance. Now that Alice is already grown-up, it would be easier for Frasier’s old producer to travel across the country to visit her friend for a brief catch-up. Since Roz’s ending was also somewhat open-ended in the original sitcom, it would be great to know how she has been in the last couple of decades.

Admittedly, it’s still disappointing that none of the original Frasier cast members will be series regulars in the reboot. While the NBC sitcom had a titular character, it was, at its core, an ensemble show, and the chemistry among the actors was magnificent. But at least now, it’s confirmed that some, if not all, of them will have a cameo in the Paramount+ project.

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