Warning! Spoilers for The Flash #794 ahead!Wally West’s son might not be the fastest member of the Flash Family, but he just found a hilarious role suited to his particular abilities. As the One-Minute War rages on, Jai West has unintentionally become the Scarlet Speedsters’ secret weapon.

In The Flash #794 by Jeremy Adams and Roger Cruz, the One-Minute War is intensifying as the Fraction continue their quest to harvest the Earth of its resources. Irey is keeping guard over the people the aliens have attempted to abduct and use as ‘organic conduits’, but she’s confronted by the Fraction’s fearsome warrior, Miss Murder. Irey West is forced to use the incapacitated and invulnerable body of her brother in a move Irey likens to a ‘wrecking ball’.

Irey Uses Jai Like Wrecking Ball DC Comics

Though Jai can’t move, his incredibly dense body does serious damage to Miss Murder, sending her running. Irey joins the fray, dragging Jai along for the ride and the two catch up with the rest of the Flash Family. As the alien speedsters try to subdue the Earthlings, Irey manages to really bring the heat by whipping Jai’s body around, taking out everything from foot soldiers to the Fraction’s Speed Force-powered tanks.

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Jai West is the Flash Family’s Indestructible Weapon

Irey and Jai West Wrecking Ball Move DC Comics

It might be a bit harsh to see Jai West thrown around like a rag-doll, but the truth is it plays to his strengths. As the children of Wally West, Jai and Irey originally shared a connection to the Speed Force since birth, something that eventually caused the two physical pain. Only one was allowed to keep it, leaving Irey a speedster and Jai powerless. However, in a recent trip to Gemworld, Wally passed along his new ‘Surge’ power to save his son’s life, an action that gave Jai his own Speed Force power. Rather than speed, Jai was blessed with enhanced strength and durability.

Does that mean that the Flash’s son is only meant to be a weapon for his speedster relatives? Of course not. Irey is only throwing Jai around because his unique powers have left him in the same seemingly paralyzed state as everyone else during the Fraction’s invasion. While he probably would have preferred to be asked, Jai no doubt recognizes that his strengths are different from those in the Flash Family. Having an unmovable object in an army of unstoppable forces may wind up being a powerful asset.

Wally West’s Son Can Help Beat the Fraction

Jai West Wrecking Ball DC Comics

The Fraction utilize the Speed Force to help them rob other planets of their resources, but unlike the Flash Family, they don’t come by it naturally. This gives the natural speedsters of Earth a bit of an advantage compared to the invaders, but so far it hasn’t been enough. However, using someone whose Speed Force connection allows them enhanced durability is something the Fraction is finding hard to counter. Speed they can handle, but invulnerability is already wrecking their forces. He might not be aware of it, but Jai may be crucial to saving the Earth. Fans can see Jai involuntarily rise to the occasion in The Flash #794, on sale now.

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