The Flash may be the Fastest Man Alive, but his new car with a special Speed Force enhancement could leave Batman’s Batmobile in the dust.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Flash #793!The Batmobile has nothing on the car the Flash has just souped up to help him defeat an invading alien army. The Scarlet Speedster puts Batman’s iconic vehicle to shame by giving his own car a special power-up.

Of all the tools in Batman’s armory, the greatest thing to help him in his crusade on crime is without a doubt the Batmobile. Packed to the brim with cutting edge technology and customized to Bruce Wayne’s specifications, the experimental vehicle helped Batman take his crime-fighting efforts to the next level. Over the years, there have been several variations of the Batmobile, but they’re always meant to be some of the most advanced cars at any point in time. The Batmobile has not only helped Batman get around Gotham faster, it’s allowed him to take on powerful or overwhelming enemies in situations where Batman’s detective skills just aren’t enough.


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Flash Made a Car Powered By the Speed-Force

Flash Speed Force Car DC Comics

But even the best Batmobile has nothing on the brand new muscle car Flash has just whipped up. In The Flash #793 by Jeremy Adams and Roger Cruz, the Flash Family is still dealing with the Speed Force-empowered alien force known as the Fraction. After coming to the conclusion that the alien speedsters’ powers rely on a giant spire, the Flashes form a plan to bring it down. Using an engine that channels the Speed Force, the Flashes soup up Wally’s muscle car in order to turn it into a bomb capable of destroying the spire to depower the Fraction. The team races against the clock, and get the car up and running. Before the Fraction know what hit them, Wally is able to penetrate the aliens’ defenses with his Speed Force-enhanced vehicle.

Granted, the car isn’t so much built for long-term use as it is a last-ditch effort. The Fraction is using the Speed Force to mine other planets of their resources to sustain their ever-growing empire and the Flash and his allies need to defeat them as fast as possible. While the addition of a Speed Force engine certainly helps Wally’s car stand out from the crowd, it’s unstable and only meant to last long enough to help blow up the Fraction’s spire. But with a bit of tweaking, Flash could easily have a permanent vehicle that Batman would envy.

The Batmobile is Nothing Compared to Wally’s Car

Batman Rebirth New Batmobile

Sure, the Batmobile is one of the greatest weapons in Bruce’s arsenal. But even if he had the fastest car on Earth, without a Speed Force connection it would always be second-best. Wally West wouldn’t even have to worry about friction damage from the speeds he’d be able to achieve due to the barrier the Speed Force grants its users for protection. The only hitch is that Wally’s car isn’t stable, and could easily be just as much of a death trap as it could an asset. Fans can see more of the Flash’s Speed Force-powered car and how it compares to the Batmobile in Flash #793, on sale now.

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