• NCIS Sydney is set to premiere on November 13, making it the only scripted CBS show to return this fall due to the ongoing strike.
  • The spin-off will premiere on Paramount+ in Australia on November 10 before airing in the US.
  • The release date for the rest of the NCIS franchise has been indefinitely delayed due to the strike involving WGA and SAG-AFTRA.

The new NCIS spin-off, NCIS Sydney, lands a fall 2023 release date in the US, all while the rest of the famed procedural franchise gets indefinitely delayed. NBC’s beloved procedural is expanding its scope beyond the country’s borders by going international. As announced in early 2022, NCIS Sydney will be the latest addition to the growing universe, and now, it finally has a confirmed release date.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, NCIS Sydney will make its debut on Paramount+ in Australia on November 10, followed by its American premiere on November 13 at 10 pm on CBS. This will be CBS’ only scripted show to return this fall as the ongoing dual strike involving WGA and SAG-AFTRA continues. In a statement, CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach explains the intention behind NCIS Sydney and teases what viewers can expect from the new show. Read her full quote below:

NCIS is one of the most popular series in the world and we’re thrilled to expand this franchise with a uniquely Australian twist. With the addition of NCIS: Sydney, our studio and network footprint continues to grow in this fascinating world that has been a proven winner with viewers on both linear and streaming platforms. Featuring the stunning backdrop of Australia, the new series will incorporate the high-stakes intrigue, humor and camaraderie that have kept fans captivated by the NCIS teams for over two decades.”

When The Rest Of NCIS May Return On CBS

Jesse Boone with Jane Tennant, Nick Torres, and Kai Holman in the NCIS crossover

Just after the WGA strikes started, CBS released its fall 2023 schedule, which maintained its usual fall schedule. This indicated that the network was optimistic that the industry issue would be resolved in time for the shows to go back to production. Clearly, that didn’t happen, with the actors eventually following suit a couple of months later. There is currently no end in sight as WGA and SAG-AFTRA fight for proper pay and better working conditions. This makes it difficult to predict when the rest of the NCIS universe, as well as other scripted shows, will be back with new content.

Industry insiders cited that the labor unions and studios need to reach an agreement during the first week of September to allow for a mid-season return for many scripted series. This would give the writers and crew enough time to work on the scripts and get ahead of filming for the rest of the year. At this point, the window of opportunity is already closing. If the protests continue, it’s highly likely that most of these shows won’t return with new content on the air until the fall 2024 TV season.

In any case, returning during the mid-season isn’t without its drawbacks. Doing so would mean that shows will have fewer episodes, which is particularly detrimental to Young Sheldon as season 7 may be its last. At least, the NCIS universe still continues amid the strikes thanks to the launch of its international offshoot.

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