The Rising event has returned to Final Fantasy XIV to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. This annual ceremony is a look back on everything the community has accomplished together. Each year, a unique item is given out as a reward for continuing to support the highly acclaimed MMORPG. This time, players can get their hands on the Rising Phoenix Mount entirely for free. There are also additional rewards that can be purchased with a small amount of Gil.

There are plenty of Mounts that can be obtained through various means, such as Trials and Raids. These tend to be a rare drop from a Duty and require plenty of patience. This makes the Rising Phoenix even more exciting because this amazing Mount is a quest reward and is free to all players. Adventurers have been through a harrowing journey over the past ten years. This Mount is a culmination of all the effort and support of the community.

How To Complete The Rising 2023 (& Rewards)

FFXIV The Rising 2023 Guide Rewards

The Rising event can be started by going to Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:10.1, Y:8.7) and speaking to Kipih Jakkya to get the ‘Siblings Rising’ quest. While available to everyone, the only requirement is that you must reach level 15. She will ask that you gather information by speaking to three people around the area.

These are the Midlander Rising Attendant (X:10.4, Y:8.3), a Highlander Adventurer (X:10.8, Y:9.6), and Bran (X:10.7, Y:10.3). Next, go to the Wandering Minstrel (X: 11.2, Y:11.4) near the Goldsmiths’ Guild Aetherite. Head back to Kipih Jakkya, then meet her at the Black Brush Station in Central Thanalan at (X:21.1, Y: 18.6). After a few more exchanges, the first event quest will be completed.

The second part of the event in Final Fantasy XIV is called ‘What Drives Us‘ and can be started by speaking to Kipih Jakkya once again. Head to the Sapphire Avenue Exchange and talk to Nhagi’a Jakkya (X:14.2, Y:11.0).

After, find him near the Adventurers’ Guild Aetherite. Exchange a few words and view a couple of cutscenes. Next head back to the Gold Court and speak to the Wandering Minstrel (X:11.2, Y:11.4). After interacting with the Letter with a Blue Chocobo Drawing, give it to Nhagi’a Jakkya. He’ll move to the Weavers’ Guild.

Finally, speak with the Wandering Minstrel (X:10.8, Y:10.2) to begin the final cutscene and meet the Game Director Naoki Yoshida. Afterward, you are rewarded with the Rising Phoenix Whistle and ten Nymeia Potpourri consumables. Additional items can be purchased for the 10th-anniversary celebration at the Rising Vendor (X:10.5, Y:8.6). The prices and names of each product can be found below:



The Land Reborn Orchestrion Roll


Pom from the Heavens Orchestrion Roll


The Rising Advertisement


Nymeia Potpourri


Magicked Prims (Flowers)


Meteor Shower




Realm Reborn Red


Magicked Prism (Meteor Survivor)


As a final thank you for the community’s support, you can travel to the Gold Court and speak with the Letter Forest Tender (X:11.3, Y:11.4). There, you can read letters from members of the development team of Final Fantasy XIV.

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    Final Fantasy 14 (Final Fantasy XIV) is the fourteenth entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. It is an MMORPG that initially launched in 2010 before it was completely rebuilt from the ground up for a 2013 release as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. After the events of the 2010 iteration’s conclusion, where the primal dragon Bahamut brings calamity to the land of Eorza, the player survives and is sent into the future by five years in a world that has begun to rebuild, but now thrust into the middle of a war from the Garlean Empire. As a consistently expanding world with an ever-scaling storyline, Final Fantasy XIV’s narrative grows with each expansion, with the core experience still surrounding working with other players and NPCs as they level and customize their characters, engage in real-time events, and coordinate teams to enter massive dungeons to face raid bosses. The game is available to play with people of several nations and has a massive translatable vocabulary for players to be able to work with one another despite language barriers. The most recent expansion pack, Endwalker, was released in December of 2021 and follows the trend of each title releasing roughly every two years. Final Fantasy XIV is available as a free-to-play title up to level 60, where the game then transitions to a subscription model. The game is playable on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, as the PlayStation 3 version was shuttered in 2017.

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