Cinematographer David Morrison confirms that the series finale of Fear The Walking Dead is now filming by sharing a new behind-the-scenes image.

Fear The Walking Dead cinematographer David Morrison reveals a new behind-the-scenes image, confirming that the final episode of the hit zombie show is now filming. After the breakout success of The Walking Dead in 2010, the first spinoff focusing on a new group of characters in a new location was released in 2015. Now, after the mothership show came to an end last year after 11 seasons, Fear the Walking Dead is gearing up for its own conclusion with season 8.


Although much mystery remains regarding how Fear the Walking Dead will end, Morrison shared a new image on Instagram yesterday confirming that the finale is now in production.

The image, unfortunately, doesn’t reveal much, but Morrison does tease in his caption that the finale has been “years in the making“. Fear the Walking Dead season 8 is expected to premiere on AMC on May 14 with the season broken up into two 6-episode parts.

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The World of Fear The Walking Dead Will Live On

Kim Dickens as Madison - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8

Although The Walking Dead is now over and its first spinoff is gearing up for its own ending, the zombie-filled world of the hit AMC show will still seemingly be a staple of the television landscape for the next few years. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is getting his very own spinoff show set in France, and both Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) will also appear in a spinoff. Next up for the franchise in terms of spinoffs, though, is The Walking Dead: Dead City, which follows Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in New York City.

Reedus has already teased that audiences should expect to see some familiar faces in his spinoff show, and it’s entirely possible that the other spinoffs will also feature returning characters. With the Fear The Walking Dead season 8 part 2 expected to feature a seven-year time jump, bringing the storyline into the current timeline of the mothership show, characters from the spinoff could return in some form as recurring or guest stars on future projects. Morgan (Lennie James), for example, if he survives the events of Fear The Walking Dead, seems like a prime candidate to meet up with Rick on that character’s upcoming show.

While many questions remain regarding how Fear The Walking Dead will wrap up its story, viewers can rest assured that the world of the show will live on. Part of the impact of The Walking Dead‘s finale was lost knowing that so many characters would be returning in their own new shows but, so far, no characters from the spinoff have been confirmed to return beyond season 8. Hopefully, Fear The Walking Dead can deliver a satisfying finale with a strong sense of closure while perhaps also leaving the door open to future character returns.

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