Michelle Rodriguez’s comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts an online debate about which franchise is more tired after the release of Fast X. The Fast Saga inches closer to its culmination with the release of its 10th main movie. Despite plans to end it, however, Vin Diesel’s comments about continuing it beyond the 12th film have garnered various opinions.


This also brings back an old interview from Rodriguez, wherein she essentially says that she’s tired of the MCU. Her comment has sparked an online debate, and some of the responses to her quote can be seen below:

As seen in the comments, there are people from both sides of the conversation who make great points. While The Fast Saga has been around longer, they have significantly fewer projects than the MCU. However, at least Marvel’s cast rotate for different shows/movies, and their genres also change, allowing for variety.

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What’s Next For The Fast Saga After Fast X

Dominic Toretto looking angry in Fast X while blended with his friends and family at a BBQ

Debuting in 2001 with Rob Cohen’s The Fast and the Furious, The Fast Saga has successfully transitioned from being a street racing-centered series to an action-adventure fare. Initially, the franchise was supposed to end with Fast 11, but after splitting Fast X into two parts, the film series is now extended for one more installment. However, if Diesel’s latest comments about continuing it beyond that pan out, fans may be looking at more The Fast Saga movies.

Aside from the main-line blockbusters, Universal is also expanding the universe with some spin-offs. A female-led movie is supposedly on the docket, while a Cipher-fronted out is also reportedly in development. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return in Fast X effectively makes Hobbs & Shaw 2 now possible after the wrestler-turned-actor previously told the public that his time as Luke Hobbs was done.

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Despite the unfriendly comparison between The Fast Saga and the MCU, the franchises have a lot more in common between them. That includes Diesel and Brie Larson being prominent players in both universes. In fact, Diesel said that the Russos’ Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame inspired how Universal is planning to close out The Fast Saga before Fast X was released.

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