Rick and Morty season 7 will recast the titular duo, but while it might seem like a problem, it’s actually not that big of an issue for the story.

A debate has been brewing over how Rick and Morty will explain its big voice change in season 7, but it’s actually not that big of a deal. Rick and Morty season 7 will feature a voice actor switch for the titular duo, causing many theories to pop up regarding how the show will address the character’s new voices. However, this speculation really doesn’t need to happen, as Rick and Morty season 7 probably won’t have to explain the voice change at all.


Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland has been fired by Adult Swim due to Roiland being charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment. Besides creating and writing the show, Roiland also voices Rick, Morty, and a plethora of other characters throughout the show’s first six seasons. Surprisingly, Rick and Morty will continue without Roiland, with the titular roles being recast. However, while there is a dramatic change up behind the scenes, its doubtful that Rick and Morty will change all that much.

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Rick & Morty Doesn’t Need To Explain The Voice Change

Rick and Morty

While there are all kinds of theories regarding how the show will explain the voice change, in reality, Rick and Morty’s voices probably won’t change at all. Rick and Morty’s voices are iconic, with all sorts of online voice actors showing off their pitch-perfect Rick and Morty impressionists on social media. So, while Rick and Morty will be recast, their voices will probably sound exactly the same. Many viewers probably won’t be able to tell the difference unless they see the credits, so it wouldn’t make sense for the show to have an in-universe explanation for a negligible voice difference.

Swapping out an actor with an impressionist and acting like nothing happened is actually something that happens all the time. YouTube voice actor Brian Hull took over Adam Sandler’s role as Dracula for Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, and there’s barely a difference. This happens frequently with TV adaptations of animated movies, as can be seen in The Penguins of Madagascar, Back at the Barnyard, The Emperor’s New School, and tons of other shows. For characters as popular as Rick and Morty, the series should have no problem finding a sufficient Justin Roiland replacement.

Rick & Morty Will Still Probably Address Roiland’s Departure

Rick and Morty on an alien planet

Rick and Morty is incredibly meta, meaning that even if it doesn’t address the voice change, the show will probably joke about Justin Roiland’s departure. Rick and Morty has made jokes about other shows, video games, companies, and even real-world politics. It only makes sense for the series to continue this trend by joking about something so close to home.

While Roiland’s crimes are a serious topic, this will not stop Rick and Morty from poking fun at the show’s co-creator. Rick and Morty features entire storylines dedicated to edgy topics that are played for laughs, and it doesn’t seem like Justin Roiland crosses the line for the series’ humor. So, even if Rick and Morty‘s recast isn’t that big of a change, Roiland’s departure will affect the show by making himself the target of many Rick and Morty jokes.

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