Temptation Island season 5 is back and getting hotter than ever with an all-new cast and twists to the classic series. After being revamped on USA in 2019, the new Temptation Island is a twist on the classic, chaotic reality TV show from the early 2000s. The series invites couples and singles to live together in a compound and allows the coupled up partners to test the strength of their relationship, giving them ample opportunity to give in to temptation. Temptation Island has always been one to revamp itself and offer new twists and turns, which will happen throughout the upcoming season.


With the new Temptation Island twist called the “Temptation Light,” couples and singles will be watched even more heavily than in prior seasons. Though the desires surrounding the cast and the availability of temptations are dangerous, the couples who are truly strong in their relationship have managed to stay together in the past. With the newest season inviting four new couples and fourteen singles to Temptation Island to find love or find out if their love is strong enough to survive, the new cast will have to put themselves to the test as the temptation is at an all-time high.

Who Are The Temptation Island Season 5 Cast Members?

The Temptation Island trailer reveals a whole new cast that will be testing the waters of their relationships or coming to the island to see if they can leave with a new love interest. According to DigitalSpy, among the cast are couples Nzubechukwu Ezihie and Leonila Pedro, Hall Toledano and Kaitlin Tufts, Christopher Wells and Marisela Figueroa, and Roberto Maldonado and Vanessa Valente. Each couple has been together for at least a year, and all struggle with issues of commitment within their relationships. Outside the couples, there are 14 singles who will also be joining the cast of Temptation Island, rotating into the cast throughout the season.

Temptation Island Season 5 Will Feature Major Twists

Temptation Island is empowering the singles in the cast in a way they never have in the series before. In the Temptation Island trailer, host Mark L. Walberg explained the first twist, sharing, “We’re going to do something we’ve never done on Temptation Island. Singles, you will have the option to send a message as well.” Rather than only allowing people in couples to send messages of interest to the singles, the singles are now going to be able to communicate freely as well. On top of this, the new Temptation Light will turn on for everyone to see when any party gives in to temptation.

When Temptation Island Season 5 Will Air

With Temptation Island almost always having been a summer series, it’s no surprise that the show will be returning at the peak of the summer as things start heating up. After filming in beautiful Hawaii, the series shows off a warmer climate and everything that it entails. Temptation Island will return to USA on Wednesday, June 14 at 9 p.m., paired with another new dating series called The Big D, hosted by The Bachelorette‘s Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers.

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