Euphoria season 3 will not begin filming until the latter half of this year despite many initially believing it would begin filming this month.

Euphoria season 3 filming will take place later than viewers of the show initially anticipated. The series wrapped up its second season about a year ago and was also immediately renewed for season 3. Euphoria has gained critical acclaim since first hitting HBO in 2019 and has garnered its lead star, Zendaya, multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe Award. It has attracted attention for its performances and its mature content as it tackles themes like drug addiction from a high school perspective.

As reported by Vogue, Euphoria season 3 is, further away than initially thought. Series star Maude Apatow revealed the delayed shooting schedule as she explained she was able to star in the Off Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors due to filming not starting until the back half of 2023. It had initially been estimated that Euphoria season 3 would begin filming this month.

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Why Is Euphoria Season 3 Taking So Long?

Maude Apatow as Lexi performing play in Euphoria

The delayed filming of Euphoria season 3 may be disappointing, as there was already a sizable gap between season 2 and the initially anticipated February filming date. Back then, it was estimated that Euphoria wouldn’t hit screens until early 2024, but that date will likely be pushed back to late 2024 now. As a result, some may question why the season is taking so long. There are a couple of potential reasons, with the likeliest being the busy schedules of its cast.

Zendaya’s career has skyrocketed in recent years. Euphoria season 3 couldn’t begin filming last year because she was shooting Dune: Part Two up until December. Additionally, her film Challengers is still in post-production, which likely demanded even more of her time as she is also a producer. Euphoria has boosted other stars, including Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, and Hunter Schafer, who have all landed some big roles outside the show. Hence, getting filming to accommodate all varying schedules is likely tricky.

Another factor that may contribute to Euphoria season 3’s delay is the pressure given its acclaim. Apatow indicated that the cast has not even received scripts yet and was largely being kept in the dark about season 3. This may indicate that creator and writer Sam Levinson is taking extra time to ensure the season lives up to expectations. While Euphoria season 3 may seem like a long way away, the delay may be necessary to accommodate the cast and the goals of the season.

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