• “Elysium” director Neill Blomkamp wants to make a sequel to the 2013 film because it is becoming more relevant over time.
  • The potential sequel will take place on both Earth and the space station Elysium.
  • The Elysium movie would be less of a sequel and more of a new story set in the same world.

Elysium director Neill Blomkamp has shared his thoughts on a potential sequel. The original movie, which premiered in 2013 and starred Matt Damon, was the director’s follow-up to his hit 2009 debut feature District 9. Elysium was set on a decaying earth where the wealthy live on an orbiting space station called Elysium, and followed Damon’s ex-con Max Da Costa as he fights for equality.

Blomkamp recently spoke with TheWrap about his newest feature, the Gran Turismo movie. During their conversation, he revealed that he wants to do a sequel to Elysium because it is “becoming more and more relevant as time goes on.” He describes the sequel as “another movie in that world” that will take place both on Earth and Elysium. Read his full quote below:

I love both [Elysium and Chappie]. I want to do a sequel to Elysium actually, because I think Elysium is becoming more and more relevant as time goes on. I wouldn’t mind doing a sequel to that movie at some point, but it’s not really a sequel. It’s more like another movie in that world.

Could Elysium 2 Happen?

Matt Damon wearing an exo-suit in Elysium.

While Blomkamp might want to make another movie in the world of Elysium, it may not prove to be a possibility. The director has experienced challenges in the past bringing some of his projects to life, especially as it relates to sequels or franchises. This most notably occurred with his canceled Alien 5, a project that was long teased but never came to fruition.

None of Blomkamp’s other movies have ever received a sequel either. This includes District 9, even though the director has stated his intention to make a sequel to that movie since before it was ever released. While District 10 could still possibly be in the cards, it seems less likely that an Elysium follow-up would be greenlit.

While Elysium made more at the box office than District 9 ($280 million versus $210 million), it also came with a much bigger price tag. Its $115 million production budget (as compared to District 9‘s $30 million) only led to a net profit of an estimated $18 million. While this is still a profit, a District 9 sequel would likely strike studios as a much safer bet, and as long as that continues to struggle to come to fruition, it seems unlikely that a new Elysium would pique studios’ interests more.

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