King Ezran activates a mysterious beacon in a new The Dragon Prince season 5 clip. The popular Netflix animated fantasy series centers on tensions between the enchanted world of Xadia and the kingdoms of the human world following the murder of the Dragon King and the theft of the Dragon Prince egg. The Dragon Prince season 3 saw a deceased Viren resurrected by his daughter Claudia, and the wizard now seeks to free the evil Startouch Elf Aaravos, which could lead to a new era of fear and oppression.


The Dragon Prince recently shared a new season 5 clip featuring Ezran, Soren, Corvus, Zym, and Dragon Queen Zubeia as they activate a mysterious beacon.

Zubeia carries her passengers through an oppressive storm, arriving at a structure nestled between rocks on the ocean’s shore. Ezran uses an unknown glowing crystal to activate the powerful beacon in the hopes of gaining the aid of a potential ally.

Who The Beacon Could Summon In The Dragon Prince Season 5

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Poster with Aaravos

The Dragon Prince season 4 concluded with Ezran, Callum, Rayla, and Soren nearly obtaining the map to Aaravos in Rex Igneous’ lair. Before the Katolis heroes can acquire the item, though, Claudia arrives just in time to snatch it for her father. The villains quickly disappear from sight as they make their way to Aaravos, but not without leaving Rayla cursed coins containing her parents.

No details have been revealed regarding the potential ally Ezran and company attempt to call. Zubeia’s presence, and the incredible power of the device’s sky-beam, may indicate the beacon calls for another dragon. The seashell design of the structure hints at the sea-bound creature teased in an early Dragon Prince season 5 poster. As the upcoming season is dubbed Book 5: Ocean, the dragon may provide the group safe passage across an otherwise perilous sea.

Rayla and Callum’s absence in the clip is also telling, indicating the two have been given a different task to aid their pursuit of Claudia and Viren. Recent The Dragon Prince season 5 images teased Rayla’s desire to free her parents from Viren’s cursed coins. Although the primary objective for the heroes in The Dragon Prince season 5 is to stop Viren from freeing Aaravos, the prospect of resurrecting Rayla’s parents may prove too great a distraction for the orphaned Moonshadow Elf.

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