Dragon Ball Super’s most controversial romance just got cruelly crushed as Trunks realizes that Mai still has feelings for his future self.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #90 of Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super‘s most controversial romance just got crushed in the most heartless way. Trunks gets all but rejected by Mai (a woman 30 years older than he is, despite looking the same age), who confirms that she still harbors feelings for Future Trunks, the version of the young Saiyan from a future dystopian world that she briefly met during the Future Trunks Saga.

Chapter #90 of Dragon Ball Super concludes the prequel story to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero centered on adolescent Trunks and Goten. In the chapter, the two young Saiyans and Mai lure out Dr. Hedo, a scientist who is creating dangerous androids. When Hedo escapes, Mai urges Trunks to go after him as Saiyaman X1, revealing she knows the secret identity of the hero who saved her in the previous chapter. When Trunks confesses that he believed Mai had mistaken Saiyaman X1 for his future self, Mai bluntly answers: “I realized that obviously wasn’t possible. You are the only Trunks I’ve got in this world!

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Mai Confirms She Still Has Feelings For Future Trunks

trunks get rejected by mai in dragon ball super

Mai’s words could be interpreted in many ways, but the context of the story clarifies what she means by that. During the Future Trunks Saga, Mai (who was turned into a child by the Dragon Balls) met the hero from the future and instantly fell smitten, finding out later that, in Trunks’ alternate future timeline, they will become a couple. Young Trunks realized that and got jealous because he has feelings for his own Mai. Fast-forward a few years later, when Trunks saves Mai from android Beta, she has a quick vision of Future Trunks, proving she still has not forgotten about him.

Mai’s remark that “You’re the only Trunks I’ve got“, then, means she is painfully aware that she will not meet Future Trunks again, and, more importantly, that the Trunks of her world is not the same person. This interpretation is confirmed by the Dragon Ball official website, in a recent entry that summarizes the events of the past few chapters: “When Mai is saved by Saiyaman X1, she remembers her feelings for Future Trunks and starts to feel the same way about the mysterious superhero…much to the dismay of young Trunks.

Trunks And Mai’s Controversial Romance May Not Be Over Yet

mai dreams of future trunks in dragon ball super

Many Dragon Ball fans have been critical of the developing romance between Trunks and Mai due to their age difference. Now, it appears that the authors of the manga were never serious about it, and the hopes of young Trunks have been crushed by the realization that Mai still has feelings for his older version. However, Mai accepts to go out with Trunks in this chapter, so it could be that Dragon Ball Super‘s most controversial romance is still on the table, much to fans’ dismay.

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The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super is available from Viz Media.

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