Mai tries to explain away why she might have been fawning over Trunks, but Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 still doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 90Mai’s latest comments to Trunks are undoubtedly Dragon Ball Super attending to some much-needed damage control for what is clearly the franchise’s grossest romance. But there still remains too many unanswered questions that don’t disprove all the other unsettling nuances of this “relationship.”

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 by story writer Akira Toriyama and artist Toyotarou, Mai confirms to Trunks that she knows he’s Saiyaman X-1 and that she thought at one point that he was Future Trunks. Mai then promises the boy that she will go on as many dates with him as he likes if he takes care of a situation that’s currently unfolding.

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Dragon Ball Super Doubles Down on Mai x Trunks

Mai proves she knows Trunks is Saiyaman X-1 in Dragon Ball Super chapter 90

What Dragon Ball Super is trying to explain is that Mai, who is over 60 years old, got googly-eyed over Trunks as Saiyaman X-1 because she originally thought that he was Future Trunks. She says “I realized that obviously wasn’t possible” in response to Trunks’ comment that he thought she confused him with Future Trunks, implying that there was a point when she didn’t realize this and that this is when she was fawning over him. All of this is referencing the moment when Mai first saw Future Trunks after she had been transformed into a child. She was clearly taken by Future Trunks at the time. Therefore, Mai in the present day was fawning over Trunks as Saiyaman X-1 now because she had been associating him with how she felt when she first saw his future self.

It is understandable why Mai could have fallen for Future Trunks right after being transformed into a child in Dragon Ball Super even though she was really an adult. She clearly possessed the mentality of a young kid at the time. But now that she’s physically a teenager, Mai has clearly regained her knowledge and experiences as an older woman, so it’s unsettling that she would still be so swayed by these memories when she first saw Future Trunks because he was in his early 30s at the time. So, her swooning over the possibility that Trunks was Future Trunks is akin to a woman who’s over 60 years old getting excited over a man who’s half her age. Then there’s the obvious fact that, even if she was confused and thought he was older, Mai was still swooning over a teenager. Moreover, she has yet to disprove that she didn’t stop fawning over him when she realized that it was just Trunks. When did she realize the truth?

Dragon Ball Super Didn’t Need to Make the Romance This Creepy

Mai promises to go out with Trunks in Dragon Ball Super chapter 90

It’s important to remember that Mai agreed to go on as many dates with Trunks as he wanted. Even though Mai will likely just be humoring him during these prospective rendezvous, she will still be sharing romantic moments with a teenager. Also, what isn’t to say that real feelings won’t blossom during these dates? What if seeing him all dressed up causes her to associate him with Future Trunks and causes her to fall for him? These are all possibilities because Dragon Ball Super hasn’t shut the door on their romance even though it isn’t appropriate.

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