Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #93 of Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super finally explains the reason why Vegeta is currently stronger than Goku. After the Prince of Saiyans got his first ‘clean’ victory against his eternal rival in a sequence in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, fans have been debating if that should count as canon, or if it was just a way to give Vegeta fans the satisfaction they always craved. The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga clears all doubts and also explains why Vegeta finally surpassed Goku.


In chapter #93 of Dragon Ball Super, the story momentarily moves away from Piccolo’s struggle against the Red Ribbon androids on Earth to focus on Goku and Vegeta training on Beerus’ planet. While Goku is sparring with Broly, Vegeta is sitting still, meditating. When questioned by Goku regarding this new approach to training, Vegeta explains that he has realized that they have both reached the peak of their physical condition a long time ago, so the secret to getting to the level of superior fighters such as Jiren, Gas, or Frieza must lie somewhere else. Vegeta knows that they have to focus on how to wield their power in the most effective way, which can only come through mental training, but it appears that Goku is still not aware of this.

Vegeta’s New Training Has Made Him Stronger Than Goku For The First Time

Vegeta meditates in Dragon Ball Super

Goku and Vegeta are the most iconic rivals in manga and anime history. Usually, Goku is always one step ahead of Vegeta, and even in Dragon Ball Super the two have been portrayed as equals at best. However, the sparring match between Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero surprisingly ended with the victory of the Prince of Saiyans. The movie did not focus much on the two Saiyan warriors – leaving the spotlight to Gohan and Piccolo instead – so fans had to wait for the story to be adapted in the manga to learn more.

It’s clear that Vegeta has been spending a lot of time thinking about his recent battles. He and Goku were unable to defeat Jiren in the Tournament of Power, they had to use Fusion to beat Broly, and most recently they were outclassed by Frieza’s new form Frieza Black, despite using their new Ultra forms. While Goku is still focusing on physical training, Vegeta has already realized that the key to getting stronger lies elsewhere, and he has spent time meditating and improving his relaxation and control over his power. This is why, in the sparring match that starts in this chapter, Vegeta is able to get the upper hand and defeat Goku.

Vegeta explains his new training to Goku in Dragon Ball super

Of course, fans of Goku will not be happy with this development. It’s true that Vegeta was originally a fierce, violent fighter who could never even think about meditation as a form of training, but the character’s evolution already started back in Dragon Ball Z, so this is a natural development. It’s a bit controversial that Goku is still being portrayed as ‘dumb’, despite his great experience as a fighter. However, Beerus’ words during the sparring match confirm that Vegeta has indeed improved thanks to his epiphany, and he is currently superior to Goku, but the Prince of Saiyan will likely have little time to enjoy his superiority in Dragon Ball Super before his rival catches up as usual.

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super is available from Viz Media.

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