After Dr. Death was renewed for a season 2 in June 2022, details about the cast, story, and potential release have slowly been released. Initially, the series told the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson), a charismatic Texas neurosurgeon who began killing his patients. Season 1 remained fairly faithful to the facts of the Christopher Duntsch case, making changes for the sake of smooth storytelling and emotional impact. In addition to showing Duntsch’s criminal behavior, Dr. Death continually points a finger at the hospital systems who neglected to take action to stop Dr. Duntsch from harming more patients.


Considering the Wondery Dr. Death podcast holds a 4.9-star rating on Apple Podcasts, it’s not surprising to hear that Peacock’s TV adaptation found success. The show received positive responses from reviewers, such as EW’s Kristen Baldwin, who particularly praised the series for giving respect and attention to the victims of Christopher Duntsch. Although there was a belief that season 1 would just be a limited series since the show ended with Duntsch going to prison for his crimes, the announcement that they were turning it into anthology was certainly surprising as many have wondered what season 2 could be about.

Dr. Death Season 2 Latest News

After months of filming, Dr. Death’s season 2 actor, Mandy Moore, announced on her Instagram account that filming had now wrapped (at least for her). To mark this monumental event, she celebrated by posting several images of her on set with the cast and crew, with the caption reading:

What a way to wrap up #drdeath. I can’t believe I had a 6 week old baby when I started this job. Deeply grateful to our NY and Barcelona crews (special shout-out to our Dp DJ and 1st AD Jamie) and our fearless leader @ashleymichelh. @edgarramirez25 and @itisijudyreyes1, you are both what dreams are made of…. And of course my loves @robertcolonlugo and #andreamiller. What a ride. See you soon on @peacock.”

Dr. Death Season 2 Confirmed

.Dr Christopher Duntsch sits in a chair in Dr. Death

On July 2022, it was announced that Dr. Death would get a season 2. Follow the serialized format of the Wondery podcast, the limited series turned anthology would move onto the story of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, another surgeon with a dark side. Ashley Michel Hoban (UnChartered) will take over as the showrunner, taking over the role from Patrick Macmanus (who will stay on as an executive producer under his UCP banner Littleton Road Productions).

Two directors have also signed on for Dr. Death season 2. Jennifer Morrison (actor in Once Upon a Time) will manage episodes 1-4 and then Laura Belsey (director for The Walking Dead) will step in for episodes 5-8 (via Deadline). The production companies include Littleton Road Productions, Escape Artists, and Wondery.

Dr. Death Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Christopher Duntsch in the operating room in Dr. Death

As of May 2023, Dr. Death season 2 doesn’t have a release date. However, based on Mandy Moore’s personal Instagram account, it does appear that a release date may be announced soon since filming for season 2 wrapped in April 2023. If fans compare how long filming and production took for season 1 (since filming began in March 2021 before it was released in July), there’s a possibility that Dr. Death season 2 could arrive in late 2023.

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

Dr. Death season 2 will see whole new slate of characters from the true story of Dr. Paulo Macchiarini. A few months after the series renewal, news broke that Edgar Ramirez (Point Break) will play the main character of the season (via Variety). Mandy Moore (This Is Us) will take on the role of Macchiarini’s fiancée Benita Alexander. Additionally, Gustaf Hammarsten (The Sandhamn Murders), Luke Kirby (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), and Ashley Madekwe (Revenge) will act as his colleagues who become suspicious of his medical procedures.

Five more actors signed onto the project in January 2023. Sandra Andreis (The Sandhamn Murders), Annika Boras (The Post), Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean series), Judy Reyes (Scrubs), and Rita Volk (Faking It) joined as recurring cast. As of May 2023, it’s unclear what roles these actors will play.

Dr. Death’s Season 2 Story Details

Dr. Death, Christopher Dunsch, holds his gloved hands up in the operating room

Dr. Death season 2 will outline the medical scandal involving Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, a disgraced thoracic surgeon whose career came under intense scrutiny after his colleagues at the Karolinska Institute accused him of medical misconduct and fraud. Viewers will also likely see more about his romantic relationship with award winning producer Benita Alexander and show how he was convicted of criminal harm in June 2022 (via Science). If season 2 follows the pattern used in Dr. Death season 1, we’ll see these stories about Macchiarini intertwine with a series of flashbacks and jumps in time.

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