All of Link’s new abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are entertaining to play around with, and there is one feature that can make it even more fun after players unlock it. Sadly, it is easy to miss the questline that leads to it, especially with as many interesting side quests and exploration that is opened up for Link early on. TOTK‘s open world is wonderful with so many possibilities, but it makes it easy to delay some quests like this one, the reward for which would have made the game much more enjoyable.


Link gets many new powers in Tears of the Kingdom, including his incredible Ultrahand ability. Using this, players have been able to design incredible builds for either functional purposes or just for silly fun. Despite this, Ultrahand can also prove to be a bit tricky to use, and having to create the same types of vehicles for certain situations can become a bit tedious, which is where the Autobuild feature comes in.

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Autobuild Is TOTK’s Most Useful Feature

Autobuild In Zelda TOTK

Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom is the fifth ability for Link’s arm and is the only one not given to Link on the first Great Sky Island. It is represented on the ability wheel as three purple hands and allows players to quickly rebuild previous creations made using Ultrahand, as long as the required materials are present. Additionally, there are special Schematics engraved onto Schema Stones in the world that allows Link to build an object such as a Fanplane. After he has found these blueprints, Link can Autobuild that Fanplane anytime he wants, as long as he has the required materials, or enough Zonite to allow Autobuild to create replicated pieces in some situations.

Players Must First Defeat Master Kohga (Yes, He’s Back)

Master Kohga In Zelda TOTK

The best way to get Autobuild is to start at Lookout Landing and follow Josha and Robbie’s 2-part questlines: “Camera Work in the Depths” and “A Mystery In The Depths.” These quests will take players down into the Depths where Link eventually comes face to face with Master Kohga, who supposedly died in BOTW. Master Kohga, Leader of the Yiga Clan, can be a rather difficult boss battle with his use of vehicles in a small area. Once he has been defeated, however, players will have access to the new Autobuild ability which will make the rest of the game much more comfortable.

TOTK gives players the freedom to choose where they want to go and what they want to focus on, which is wonderful, but also makes it easy to delay certain things. Getting the Autobuild ability can happen at any point in the game, or not at all, but having it as an option for players will make many points in the game go more smoothly when they don’t have to spend time creating the same vehicle over and over again. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is fueled by player creativity, but sometimes it’s also good to be able to move on with the story.

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