Elden Ring will soon turn one year old, and this seems like a fruitful opportunity for a DLC announcement – but sadly, it doesn’t seem all too likely.

Elden Ring‘s launch last February was certainly one for the books, and FromSoftware’s latest title has only seen continued success since then, so it’s no surprise that players are eagerly anticipating Elden Ring DLC – but they shouldn’t get their hopes up for an announcement during the upcoming anniversary livestream. Admittedly, the game’s first birthday celebration seems like the perfect opportunity for such a reveal, but sadly, the chances are looking quite slim.


Although Elden Ring‘s first DLC has yet to receive an official announcement, much less a confirmation of its contents, there has been no shortage of speculation revolving around both of these aspects. In particular, countless theories and opinons regarding which regions Elden Ring‘s Tarnished should explore next have been circulating online. Realistically, theorizing is all that players can do until more details about the expansion are shared – and it looks it might still be a while before that happens.

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Elden Ring’s Anniversary Livestream Event Wasn’t Announced Globally

A Tarnished character riding Torrent around a massive Wormface enemy in an autumn forest.

Recently, Bandai Namco Nordics Tweeted an announcement for Elden Ring‘s 1-Year Anniversary Celebration, which will fittingly take place on February 25. As it’s being held in Stockholm, it’s only appropriate that the Bandai Namco Twitter account from the Nordic region would make the Tweet. However, their account was actually the only one to do so – other regions, such as Europe and Southeast Asia, have yet to share any information regarding Elden Ring‘s Anniversary livestream. This may allude to the overall likelihood of an Elden Ring DLC announcement: if such a reveal was indeed the plan, Bandai Namco would probably want as large an audience as possible to be watching.

The Elden Ring DLC Isn’t Listed As Anniversary Livestream Reveal

The blue-skinned and four-armed Ranni the Witch speaking to the Tarnished in Elden Ring

This problem with Elden Ring‘s DLC announcement theory is more or less confirmed by the description of the event’s activities, which will reportedly include a “live show, giveaways, contests, exclusive prizes, [a] pub quiz, drinks, cosplay, [and] PVP.” It’s possible that Bandai Namco could be excluding the announcement from the list to surprise the audience – but again, from a promotional perspective, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to do this. To generate as much possible interest for the Elden Ring DLC, the company would want to maximize its outreach, rather than limit it (which is currently the case, intentional or not).

In other words, it’s extremely unlikely that the 1-Year Anniversary Community Celebration will be the stage for a surprise expansion announcement. The Tweet concludes by stating “More info coming (very) soon,” so learning about potential returning characters in Elden Ring‘s DLC or its setting may not be entirely off the table. But with the current information at hand, Tarnished players may be better off putting their ambitions to rest in this instance.

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Source: Bandai Namco Nordics/Twitter

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