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Donnie Wahlberg appeared in the 1999 horror movie The Sixth Sense, and his character is one of the most unforgettable. The singer and actor has played a handful of movie and TV characters and shared his personal life in two reality series, allowing a behind-the-scenes look at running a fast food franchise with his brothers in Wahlburgers and his relationship with Jennie McCarthy on Donnie Loves Jenny. M Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense is famous for its twist in the last moments of the movie, but also highlights the sweet relationship between Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) and Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment).


After joining the New Kids on the Block in 1984, Wahlberg appeared in several movies throughout the 1990s and 2000s, including playing Chollo in Bullfighter and the intelligent Detective Eric Matthews in the Saw franchise. He has also taken on many long-term TV detective and police characters, including Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods and Joel Stevens on Boomtown. Wahlberg’s role in The Sixth Sense is significant and has a big impact on the story.

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Donnie Walhberg Played Vincent Gray In The Sixth Sense

Vincent holding up a gun in Malcolm's home in The Sixth Sense

Donnie Wahlberg played Vincent Gray in The Sixth Sense, and his backstory with Malcolm is key to the twist ending that is one of the most discussed within the horror and thriller genre. Vincent began working with Malcolm as a child and shared that he saw ghosts, which echoes Cole’s predicament. Vincent appears in the opening scene and shoots Malcolm in his home and then himself. The Sixth Sense ending reveals that Malcolm has been dead the entire time and his former patient is the one who killed him. Vincent is a lonely, sympathetic character who has been haunted by his situation for decades.

While Wahlberg’s appearance is brief, his character has a profound effect on Malcolm, who is distraught that he couldn’t protect his patient from harm. Vincent shares his frustration that Malcolm didn’t stop him from seeing ghosts and he is tired of being told that something is wrong with him. Wahlberg’s performance is strong, showing Vincent’s vulnerability and fear, and the movie paints a picture of mental health struggles through his character.

Wahlberg Went On An Intense Diet For The Role

Split image of Vincent, Malcolm and Anna looking scared in The Sixth Sense

Wahlberg was drawn to the script right away and, similar to several other actors, he lost weight for the part (43 pounds). According to USA Today, the actor wanted to look “emaciated” as Vincent misuses several substances and began living away from his family in a New York City apartment. He said, “I would fast for two days then only eat steamed cabbage and drink beet juice… I didn’t shower for weeks. I just wasn’t taking care of myself and I was a loner… I definitely had to suffer in the only way I could

Although Wahlberg went to extreme (and dangerous) methods to get ready for his The Sixth Sense role, his empathy for Vincent proves that he was the right person to take on the role. He seemed to completely understand the struggles the character was facing, and used these emotions to help elevate his (and his colleagues) performances.

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