After much anticipation, The Little Mermaid is finally swimming into theaters. The 2023 remake of the beloved 1989 Disney classic by the same name offers a fresh take on the adventures of Ariel and her friends. While many fans will be rushing to the theaters this weekend, should they stay after the movie ends to see if there is additional footage? Here’s what you need to know about any post-credit scenes in The Little Mermaid.

Is there a post-credit scene in The Little Mermaid?

There are no post-credit scenes in The Little Mermaid.

While having a mid- or post-credit scene has become more and more popular in pop-culture content thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s influence, producers opted not to insert any in The Little Mermaid, which is under the same banner as the MCU, Disney. Fans can leave the theater once the credits start rolling, but it’s still nice to stay and pay homage to everyone who worked to make the film.

The Disney classic live-action remakes have often featured some post-credit scenes. 2010’s Alice in Wonderland has dead flowers blooming while the sun rises and its sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, features the March Hare saying, “Time to go!” The Marc Forster-directed Christopher Robin shows Richard M. Sherman singing “Busy Doing Nothing” at a beach while Pooh, Piglet, and the others sunbathe. 2019’s Aladdin shows the weddings of Aladdin with Jasmine and Genie with Dalia while the credits are rolling. In 2021’s Cruella, the titular antiheroine gives two Dalmatian puppies to Roger and Anita, inspiring Roger to compose the “Cruella de Vil” song.

Usually, post-credit scenes help to set a sequel or connect several stories in the same universe, as in the MCU case. Currently, The Little Mermaid doesn’t seem to fit into any of those categories, but plans might always change depending on the movie’s box-office success.

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