The live-action The Little Mermaid movie adapts Disney’s beloved tale on a much bigger scale, but does the story also extend through post-credits scenes? The Little Mermaid remake brings to life the classic story of the mermaid princess Ariel, who makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula to exchange her voice for human legs, allowing her to fall in love with Prince Eric on land before time runs up. The positive reviews for Disney’s 2023 The Little Mermaid movie indicate one of the studio’s best live-action adaptations yet, which could mean a sequel, spinoff, or prequel like Mufasa: The Lion King is in store.


Disney is one of the most frequent offenders for post-credits scenes, though they primarily occur in the studio’s movies and series linked to massive franchises like the MCU, Star Wars, princess movies, and Pixar features. Consequently, post-credits scenes have become an expectation for big-budget Disney movies. While the original 1989 animated movie didn’t have any end-credits extras, audiences may still be curious about whether Disney added a post-credits scene for The Little Mermaid remake to tease a potential The Little Mermaid 2 movie.

The Little Mermaid Does Not Have A Post-Credits Scene

little mermaid ursula

Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid movie does not have a post-credits scene. Considering the new Little Mermaid is 52 minutes longer than the original, the remake is already packed with extra sequences before the film’s ending, making a post-credits scene unnecessary. While there’s no bonus content after The Little Mermaid’s ending, it’s always a good idea to stick around through the credits in order to appreciate the sheer number of people it takes to make the film, especially one on a scale as massive as Disney’s 2023 live-action remake.

The Little Mermaid’s Missing End-Credits Scene Follows An 8-Year Disney Live-Action Remake Tradition

Halle Bailey as Ariel emerging from the water in The Little Mermaid

Despite the fact that Disney is notorious for including post-credits scenes in its big-budget family-friendly movies, it’s not surprising that The Little Mermaid is missing one. Disney hasn’t included any extra scenes or moments in the closing credits of its live-action remakes since Cinderella in 2015, which featured the voice of Helena Bonham Carter’s Fairy Godmother asking “Where did everyone go?” This was one of the more tongue-in-cheek post-credits scenes for Disney, but the studio hasn’t followed up on this type of credits gag over the past eight years. While 2021’s Cruella did have an end-credits scene, the live-action adaptation is a prequel rather than a proper remake.

Considering Disney’s animated classics didn’t have post-credits scenes, it makes sense that the live-action remakes would similarly exclude them. However, the remarkable box office success of Disney’s live-action remakes makes them more ripe for sequels and spinoffs, so it wouldn’t be shocking if the studio added post-credits scenes to tease audiences with more takes on the beloved story. Still, while The Little Mermaid’s 2023 remake doesn’t have a post-credits scene, a sequel or prequel isn’t out of the question.

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