WARNING! This article contains major SPOILERS for Scream 6!Gale Weathers is the only living legacy character to return in Scream 6, but does she make it out of the New York City Ghostface massacre alive? In true Scream franchise form, Gale takes on a role similar to her Scream 2 trajectory by returning to her intrusive investigative journalism ways – including a punch in the face from Jenna Ortega’s Tara Carpenter. This time, Gale is taking on Ghostface without her usual companions Sidney Prescott and Dewey Riley, as the latter was tragically killed by Amber Freeman in Scream (2022).


Since Gale and Sidney are the only surviving main characters from the original Scream movie, their time in the franchise appears limited. As such, Neve Campbell’s Sidney failing to return in Scream 6 meant that Gale would inevitably face a personal attack by Ghostface. After being sent away from the movie theater shrine, Gale is attacked by Ghostface in her New York City apartment and stabbed several times, leaving a horrified Sam and Tara to watch the reporter be carried away by medical professionals. Gale is never seen again in Scream 6, but the characters do give an update on her fate.

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Gale Weathers Doesn’t Die In Scream 6

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers in Scream 6 in Front of Ghostface Graffiti

Ghostface has still yet to kill Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers. While Ghostface taunts her in her apartment and stabs her numerous times, Gale Weathers doesn’t die in Scream 6, as she still had a weak pulse when EMTs arrived to give her treatment. Gale’s survival is then confirmed to the group in Scream 6’s ending, so she’ll still be around to help Sam, Tara, Mindy, and Chad after the New York City killings. Of course, she’ll also probably write another book about the attack to the dismay of her fellow survivors.

The suspense surrounding Gale’s Ghostface attack suggested that she would finally succumb to her injuries, but Scream 6’s ending emphasized the best twist yet for the franchise: No returning characters died. The only deaths in Scream 6 were those of new characters, including the three Ghostface killers Detective Wayne Bailey, Quinn Bailey, and Ethan Landry, AKA the father and siblings of Scream 5’s Ghostface killer Richie Kirsch. The “Core Four,” Gale Weathers, and Scream 4’s Woodsboro survivor Kirby Reed all miraculously lived through another Ghostface killing spree, meaning they’re all safe to return for a potential Scream 7 movie.

What Gale’s Last Message To Sidney Meant In Scream 6

Gale points her gun up while speaking to Ghostface in Scream 6

When Gale thought she was dying, she told Sam to relay a message to Sidney Prescott: “He didn’t get me. Tell Sidney he never got me.” Even if Gale had been killed by Scream 6‘s Ghostface, she didn’t want Sidney to think that she had let the killer actually get her. Gale wouldn’t go down as just another Ghostface victim if she had died, and wanted Sidney to know that – as always – she went down fighting. Gale was doing everything she could to keep from bleeding out, but if she died, her fight still would have been a victory instead of a defeat.

Gale’s near-death experience in Scream 6 is certainly one of the most emotional moments of all six Scream movies, with the scene serving as a brilliant showcase of the character’s charm and strong persistence throughout the franchise. If this had been Gale’s death scene, her heartbreaking message to Sidney would have been a brilliant way to send her character off. However, Scream 6 made the right decision to keep Gale alive, as it’s still possible to see another reunion with her and Sidney in a sequel.

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