New Doctor Who image reveals Yasmin Finney as Rose ahead of her 60th-anniversary debut, with Rose Tyler actor Billie Piper offering her full support to the young star. Finney’s Rose will make her first appearance across a trio of episodes set to air in late 2023 that will celebrate the long-running British sci-fi series’ milestone. Doctor Who‘s 60th-anniversary celebrations will be led by returning actor David Tennant, who portrays the fourteenth incarnation of the Time Lord following Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration in late 2022.


While Finney’s Rose appeared in promotional material for the upcoming 60th-anniversary celebration, including the Doctor Who trailer, the official Doctor Who Instagram provides a better glimpse of the character. Check out the image below:

Rose was featured in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, giving the best look at the character’s full costume. Amongst the comments on the post, former Doctor Who star Piper, who portrayed companion Rose Tyler in seasons 1, 2, and 4 of the revived series, offered her support for the young star. See her reply below:

Billie Piper tweet that says love you Rose under the Doctor Who Instagram post sharing Yasmin Finney as Rose 

How Yasmin Finney’s Rose Is Important To Doctor Who’s 60th-Anniversary Stories

David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Yasmin Finney as Rose looking at something in Doctor Who 60th Anniversary

Finney’s Rose has a pivotal role in the upcoming three-episode Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special, having shared scenes with both Tennant and returning star Catherine Tate. Despite no confirmation, it is speculated that Finney’s Rose may be the daughter of Tates’ returning companion Donna Noble, with her potentially being named as a nod to Piper’s companion due to her involvement with Donna’s time in the TARDIS. Previous trailers have seen Rose interact with the deceptively adorable villain Beep the Meep. It may bring Rose into the Doctor’s chaotic life while possibly leading to a reunion with Donna that may have major consequences.

Beyond her role as the child of a beloved former companion, Finney’s casting in Doctor Who marks a major step forward in the show’s LGBTQ+ representation. Following her breakout role in Netflix’s hit adaptation of Heartstopper and casting in the three-episode special, Finney confirmed that Rose is trans, making her the first trans character to play a major role in the sci-fi series. As such, Finney’s casting and Rose’s role in the show are a welcome step forward for Doctor Who and its social progression.

​​​​​As one of Heartstopper’s breakout stars, Finney’s casting in Doctor Who‘s 60th-anniversary immediately created much excitement for the upcoming episodes. With Piper’s heartwarming support for the young actor, Finney may potentially have one of the most important roles in the anniversary specials, with her character’s possible relationship with Donna being one of the core emotional dynamics of the story.

Source: Doctor Who/Instagram

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