Doctor Who unintentionally created an unstoppable Weeping Angel, but it is possible the events of “The Angels Take Manhattan” somehow destroyed it.

One of the deadliest creatures in Doctor Who is the Weeping Angel, and Doctor Who accidentally created the ultimate Weeping Angel. The Weeping Angels are nearly as old as the Universe itself and have gained their name due to the habit of appearing as stone angel statues. First appearing in Doctor Who season 3, episode 10, “Blink,” the unique nature of the Weeping Angel’s powers and strength made them one of the Doctor’s toughest adversaries. The Weeping Angel’s ability to quickly re-energize and reproduce meant their strength had grown massively by the time they appeared in Doctor Who season 7, episode 5, “The Angels Take Manhattan”.

The Doctor Who episode “The Angels Take Manhattan” revealed the new strength of the Weeping Angels, and they lead to Amy and Rory’s last appearance on Doctor Who. The Weeping Angels’ use of the Winter Quay as a “battery farm” as they can keep sending their victims back in time for energy, meaning that they grow in strength throughout the episode. However, the biggest revelation is that The Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel and it shows just how much the Weeping Angels had spread across Earth.

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The Statue Of Liberty Is The Ultimate Weeping Angel

Doctor Who; Angels of Manhattan

Depicting The Statue of Liberty as a Weeping Angel unfortunately meant that Doctor Who had unintentionally created the ultimate Weeping Angel, as it made that particular Weeping Angel have unlimited powers. A key part of the Weeping Angels’ powers is that “anything that bears the image of an angel becomes an angel.” This is seen in Doctor Who season 13, episode 4, “Village of the Angels” where Claire Brown has an illustration of an Angel. It takes a lot of power for the Angel to come out of the picture, but the Doctor burning the image strengthened the Angel so much that it became a fiery apparition of a Weeping Angel.

The Statue of Liberty has millions of photos and videos taken of it, by people all around the world. If anything that bears the image of an angel becomes an angel, then every photo and video of The Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel, meaning the dangerous Weeping Angels can reproduce infinitely, across the planet, and conquer the world with ease. Despite the big revelation of The Statue of Liberty being a Weeping Angel in “The Angels Take Manhattan”, this issue of the photos and videos is never addressed and can be viewed as a plot hole.

Was This Super Weeping Angel Defeated By Accident?

Doctor Who

However, The Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel plot hole may have been solved as it most likely was destroyed along with the others in “The Angels Take Manhattan.” Although The Statue of Liberty was unknown to the Doctor, Amy, and Rory as being a Weeping Angel, their efforts to create a paradox and destroy the Winter Quay may have accidentally destroyed the giant Weeping Angel as well. The Weeping Angels have few ways of being defeated, especially with a constant source of energy like the Winter Quay, and Rory creates a paradox by taking his own life to end the Angels constantly sending him back in time.

Rory’s, and Amy who joined him, death created the paradox at the Winter Quay and sent them back to 2012, thus destroying the timeline and the majority of the Angels. Although there is still one Angel who sends Rory and Amy back, it is possible that the original paradox created by Rory and Amy unintentionally destroyed The Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel as well. This would mean all images of The Statue of Liberty were no longer versions of The Weeping Angels either, and there was no threat of a world takeover from them in Doctor Who.

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