Doctor Aphra is a fan-favorite Star Wars character that doesn’t get enough love in the cosplay space, and now, thanks to one of the best cosplayers around, fans get to see what Aphra should look like when she inevitably makes her leap from the comic page to real life!


Recently posted on Instagram by Hannah Marie (@thehannahklein), this creative talent has designed and worn dozens of homemade costumes over the years that give the professionals in Hollywood a run for their money.

Having cosplayed as other Star Wars characters like Princess Leia, Padme Amidala, Rey Skywalker, the Inquisitor known as Second Sister, and even a couple of Imperial soldiers in the all-white Stormtrooper and all-black Shadow Trooper, Hannah has also embodied other nerd icons like Laura Kinney’s Wolverine, Silk, Catwoman, Zatanna, and many, many more, all to fantastic results.

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Doctor Aphra Cosplay Shows How Her Live-Action Star Wars Look Should Look

An original comic creation who premiered in Darth Vader’s 2015 solo series as a criminal archeologist helping him to usurp Emperor Palpatine, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra eventually went on to betray Vader and fake her death, leading her to become an antihero with a penchant for doing good more often than not. One of the most infamous characters in Star Wars lore right up there with franchise alum Han Solo, Aphra’s visual style fits her mischievous and sneaky ways perfectly, as her more rugged but functional look, data-carrying electro-tattoos, and ever-present smirk have helped turn her into a popular character that has yet to get a live-action look — until now, that is.

Nailing one of Aphra’s best designs from the comics, Hannah’s cosplay brings this Indiana Jones-esque character to life in a way that would make total sense for her official live-action debut. Dressed in a bomber jacket, white shirt, snug pants, and shin-high boots, Hannah wears Aphra’s iconic goggled helmet well while holding her signature blaster in one gloved hand, ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Also accessorizing with Aphra’s trusty utility belt and a sleeve of electro-tattoos, Hannah gives fans a few posed looked that bring out Aphra’s playful but rascally attitude, completing a set of cosplay photos that fans need more of.

With all the new Star Wars shows, movies, and video games coming out nowadays, it’s only a matter of time before Aphra gets the real-world look she deserves. But until then, Doctor Aphra will have to settle for comic-accurate designs like this one, so be sure to follow Hannah Marie (@thehannahklein) for more epic Star Wars cosplays!

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