Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Chicago PD season 11 finale. NBC may have already spoiled Adam Ruzek’s fate after the Chicago PD season 10 finale cliffhanger. One Chicago officially ends its year, and for District 21, that means resolving the Richard Beck case that they have been working on for a while. During his undercover stint, however, Ruzek finds himself fighting for his life after getting shot.


While NBC (@lvjk) may want viewers to wait until next season to find out if he survives, promotional images from the Chicago PD season 10 finale confirm that at least he gets out of surgery. Check out the stills below:

The last time Ruzek is seen in Chicago PD season 10, he is being wheeled in at Chicago Med. No update has been given since then, with the outing wrapping up with its focus on the case instead.

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What’s Next For Ruzek and Burgess In Chicago PD Season 11

Ruzek, Burgess, and Mack in Chicago PD

To say that both Ruzek and Burgess have gone through a lot would be an understatement. Chicago PD‘s original romantic pairing has been through the wringer with each other. Despite breaking up and dating other people, they have kept each other close. In season 10, Burgess gets a breakthrough with her own near-death experience after she started going to therapy. This allows her and Ruzek to finally rekindle their romance.

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Now that it’s Ruzek’s life that’s in danger, it’s Kim’s turn to stay by his side throughout all this ordeal. The images confirm that at the very least, Ruzek doesn’t die in the operating room. Narratively, it’s also highly unlikely that he is going to be written out of the show. Hank Voight’s Intelligence is already undermanned as it is in Chicago PD, it would be a big blow to lose a veteran member, not to mention an original cast member at this point.

With Chicago PD season 11 already confirmed, it would be great if NBC and Wolf Entertainment finally pay off the pair’s romance. They were once engaged to be married, but after calling it off, they haven’t really reconsidered it seriously. However, between having Mac and the horrendous last few years, it’s time for them to get married.

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