Warning: SPOILERS for My Hero Academia Season 6 episode #135The My Hero Academia anime has shown one of the saddest, most emotional scenes in the entire series, and seeing Izuku Midoriya (Deku) betray his mentor All Might and his teachings hurts even worse than it did in the manga.

In episode #135 of My Hero Academia, Deku is finally pushed over the limits by his relentless pursuit of the villains All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. After deciding to leave his classmates from U.A. high behind, to protect them from danger, Deku relied on the help of All Might, who acted as support for the young hero. However, following the encounter with Lady Nagant and after hearing All For One’s ominous threats, Deku decides he doesn’t need his mentor anymore. In a sad, emotional sequence that takes place under the rain, Deku tells the now-powerless All Might that he doesn’t have to worry, but what he truly means is that All-Might can’t help him anymore.

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Deku Breaks All Might’s Heart By Rejecting His Help

deku walks away from all might in my hero academia

All Might is the only reason why Deku became a hero, not only because he passed on him his One For All Quirk, but mostly because Deku grew up idolizing the former no. 1 Pro Hero. All Might’s mission was not just to be the best and strongest hero, but to inspire people with his action, becoming the Symbol of Hope that cast away the shadows created by All For One. His influence was so great that he inspired even a boy with no Quirks, and thus no hope of ever becoming a hero, Deku. However, the burden of being the successor of One For All is a lot, and All Might is fully aware that Deku can be overwhelmed by his sense of responsibility.

This is why, after Izuku decided to leave U.A. at the beginning of the Dark Hero Arc, All Might supported him, following his protégé around while Deku went hunting for villains and looking for clues on All For One’s whereabouts. Having lost his powers, All Might took on an almost paternal role, reminding Deku of the need for resting, and bringing him bento (Japanese boxed lunches). However, Deku’s obsession with “saving everyone” has gone too far. Izuku rejects his mentor’s help because he wants to carry the burden (and danger) of facing All For One alone. However, he doesn’t realize that, in doing that, he is making All Might feel like a failure, exacerbating his guilt for putting Deku in danger by making him the ninth successor of One For All.

Deku’s Obsession Pushes Him To Betray All Might’s Most Important Teaching

all might's bento spilled on the ground

The tragedy of All Might’s feelings is reinforced by the bento that he was trying to give to Izuku, falling and spilling its contents on the ground. Deku does not realize that, in his misguided attempt to protect everyone, he is actually betraying All Might and his most important teaching: heroes don’t have to simply defeat villains, they have to become an inspiration. This becomes clear later in the episode when the civilians saved by Midoriya run away from him in fear. Deku‘s confrontation with All Might is one of the best, but also saddest, moments in My Hero Academia, and the anime did an exceptional job as usual in bringing it to life on the screen.

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