Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee have gone from co-stars to co-hosts with the reveal of their new Love Is Blind recap podcast, Out of the Pods. They co-starred in Love Is Blind season 2, where they met their controversial fiancés, though they’re no longer together. Deepti declined to marry Shake Chatterjee with a powerful altar moment that turned her into an inspiring TV personality. Shayne Jansen was the one to propose to Natalie, and beyond his striking immaturity and animated personality, there wasn’t much else observed. Almost immediately after filming, however, Shayne made headlines when he accepted a spot on Perfect Match while, according to Natalie, still entertaining their relationship.


Love Is Blind season 2’s Deepti and Natalie have announced their recently teased project is, in fact, related to the acclaimed dating show. In a video shared on their podcast Instagram account, @outofthepods, the admired reality TV stars dropped the news.

The video began with short clips of their altar moments, highlighting the times when the two declined to marry their fiancés. “From pods…to podcast,” and “a Love Is Blind recap series,” were written across the Instagram Reel. They also made sure to include the infamous opaque wine glasses, which turned into microphones upon clinking. The video concluded with the release date of their first episode, which will be available on all platforms on March 27.

Love Is Blind’s Natalie & Deepti Tease ‘Unfiltered’ Opinions

Love Is Blind’s Deepti Vempati & Natalie Lee

Natalie promised “unfiltered” discussions over the Love Is Blind season 4 couples and the drama that surrounds them. Natalie and Deepti’s friendship is apparent through their social media posts, along with the other women from Love Is Blind season 2. However, a project revolving around the show was definitely unexpected, as the two didn’t have the greatest experiences. If one thing is certain about the Love Is Blind season 2 co-stars, it’s that they are truly kind women who entered the show with nothing less than genuine intentions. Instead of walking away heartbroken and discouraged, they became, and are continuing to be, influential faces in the reality TV dating genre.

Natalie and Deepti are no strangers to the high stress, emotional roller coaster that the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 cast will experience, making them the perfect podcasts co-hosts. Another redeeming quality that both of them carry is that they both present as understanding people. It will be interesting to hear them discuss the difficult moments that the new cast faces and to hear them chat about it as people who went through similar situations. The Love Is Blind season 4 cast and those that follow are sure to appreciate their commentary and feedback as it will likely bring reassurance to the brand-new TV personalities.

As if the anticipation surrounding Love Is Blind season 4 wasn’t exciting enough, Deepti and Natalie’s podcast announcement makes it that much better. The Love Is Blind alums are not only favorites from their season but also of the series as a whole. It’s perfect that the first podcast episode drops three days after the release of the first set of Love Is Blind season 4 episodes. Natalie and Deepti didn’t find their life partners by challenging whether love is truly blind, but they clearly still believe it can be true for some.

Love Is Blind season 4 premieres March 24 on Netflix.

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