• Deadman and Dove had a once-promising relationship that eventually fizzled due to Deadman turning back into a ghost.
  • In Knight Terrors #4, Deadman, as Batman’s body, is looking for Insomnia’s body with Damian Wayne and Sandman.
  • Deadman still deeply yearns for Dove and the possibility of reuniting, but there is no guarantee they can make it work now or in the future.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Knight Terrors #4!A star-crossed love continues to be one of the most tragic things to occur within the Justice League. As Deadman tries to save the world in Knight Terrors, DC reminds readers of his once-promising relationship.

The Justice League has had plenty of couples in its ranks over the years: Big Barda and Mister Miracle, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and even Superman and Wonder Woman were briefly an item. But in the days before Flashpoint reset continuity, DC’s resident ghost hero struck up a relationship with the superhero, Dove aka Dawn Granger. The two met when Boston Brand was brought back to life at the end of Blackest Night, and slowly fell for one another during the follow-up event, Brightest Day. Unfortunately, Deadman had to sacrifice his life to protect Dawn, turning him back into a ghost. The two tried to make their relationship work, but the relationship eventually fizzled.

DC Brings Up the Justice League’s Most Heartbreaking Relationship

Deadman and Dove Nightmare DC

In Knight Terrors #4 by Joshua Williamson, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, Caspar Wijngaard, Deadman, still possessing the body of Batman, is in Arkham Tower with Damian Wayne and the Golden Age Sandman, Wesley Dodds. Deadman has found the Nightmare Stone and the trio is looking for Insomnia’s body to purge his powers and end the nightmare the metahuman has caused the DC Universe. As the team draws closer, Insomnia continues tormenting them with visions. After Damian briefly hallucinates stabbing his father, they arrive right outside Insomnia’s holding cell. However, the villain conjures up a vision of Deadman’s ex-girlfriend and tells him that if Insomnia wins, everyone will be dead, giving Boston and Dawn a chance to be together again, something Deadman sadly admits is something he wants.

Deadman has long been one of the DC Universe’s most tragic characters. An acrobat murdered in his prime by a mysterious hook-handed killer, cursed to wander the Earth, unable to speak to the people around him. When Boston came back to life during Brightest Day, he struggled to reconnect with humanity. But Dove helped him see the beauty in life again and their love, however brief, was genuine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to continue when Deadman became a ghost again. Deadman and Dove haven’t been together in years, but the pain of losing his last connection to life still hurts Boston Brand deeply.

Can Deadman and Dove Rekindle Their Romance?

Deadman and Dove Kiss DC

Deadman has really stepped up during Knight Terrors (Though Batman might have an issue with Brand hijacking Bruce’s body). For the first time in a while, fans have gotten to see how human the spectral hero really is. He may not have a body, but Boston still has a heart, and it yearns for the person he fell for all those years ago. Is it possible Dove and Deadman could be reunited someday? Perhaps. But there’s no guarantee that they can make it work now any more than they could make it work back then. Even Deadman has resigned himself to loneliness until Dove meets him on the other side. Fans can see more of the Justice League’s heartbreaking tragedy in Knight Terrors #4, on sale now.

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