• Doctor Hate emerges as the new villain in the DC Universe, armed with the powerful Nightmare Stone and the mysterious Helmet of Hate.
  • Amanda Waller, with her plans to eliminate metahumans, is ready to take down the world’s strongest heroes using Doctor Hate as her weapon.
  • The Nightmare Stone and the Helmet of Hate have the potential to create powerful creatures and unleash devastating forces, making Doctor Hate a formidable threat to the Justice League.

Warning! Spoilers for Knight Terrors: Night’s End #1!The Justice League has a terrifying new menace on the horizon in the form of Doctor Hate. As the dust settles from the events of Knight Terrors, the next great threat to the DC Universe has already presented itself.

In Knight Terrors: Night’s End #1 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Guiseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, and Trevor Hairsine, the event’s central villain Insomnia has finally taken control of the Nightmare Stone, and he’s using it to realize his vision of a world of nightmares. But before Insomnia can carry out his desire, the Justice League arrives to save the day.

Knight Terrors Justice League Assembles DC

The team uses Doctor Destiny’s Dreamstone and gives it to the Golden Age Sandman Wesley Dodds to counter Insomnia’s relic. Sandman, along with Deadman manages to wrest control of the Nightmare Stone away from Insomnia, finally ending the villain’s reign of terror. As the dust settles, the Nightmare Stone winds up in the hands of Amanda Waller. She gives the Nightmare Stone, along with the Helmet of Hate to an unknown figure. The sinister, magical items transform the figure into a new villain known as Doctor Hate. Amanda Waller readies her weapon to attack the Justice League’s replacement: The Titans.

Doctor Hate is the Next Big Justice League Villain

Amanda Waller and Doctor Hate DC

While the heroes of the Justice League have had to deal with the likes of Insomnia, another threat has been brewing quietly in the background. Since the end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amanda Waller has been working to eliminate the metahumans of the DC Universe. Waller has kept an eye on superhero activity, using Peacemaker to keep tabs on hero groups such as the Doom Patrol, the Titans, and Team Arrow. She’s also offered up a sweetheart deal to all supervillains and promised a full pardon to anyone who kills a superhero.

Now it looks like Waller is ramping up her plans to take down the DC Universe’s heroes. While Doctor Hate’s powers haven’t been seen just yet, they’re undoubtedly very powerful. The Helmet of Hate, mysterious as it, is likely comparable to the power of Doctor Fate’s helmet. And as seen during the Knight Terrors event, the Nightmare Stone is able to make bad dreams a reality. With Waller preparing to take down the world’s strongest heroes, she may have the final piece she needs before making her ultimate move.

Amanda Waller’s New Weapon Can Kill DC’s Best Heroes

Amanda Waller Bounty on Heroes DC Comics

Taking on heroes as strong as Superman or Wonder Woman won’t be an easy task. But from what little fans have seen of the Nightmare Stone, it’s powerful enough to create things that give the Justice League a run for their money. And if the Helmet of Hate channels sinister forces that rival Doctor Fate’s helm, who knows what horrible things Doctor Hate could do? They could create entire armies of Sleepless Knights like Insomnia or summon terrifying demons. Whatever Doctor Hate is capable of, it’s exactly the kind of firepower Waller’s been looking for in order to see her mission through. Fans can see the debut of the new Justice League-level villain in Knight Terrors: Night’s End #1, on sale now.

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