The new DC Universe Justice League gets imagined with a predominantly younger cast taking on DC’s premier team in stunning fan art. James Gunn and Peter Safran recently announced the first projects that will kick off their DC Universe Chapter One, and the reveal confirmed that a new Batman will be rising up to meet Gunn’s rebooted Clark Kent, who premieres in 2025’s Superman: Legacy. With new actors set to be announced in the near future for DC’s biggest heroes, a series of fan portraits imagines the cast of the DC Universe’s younger Justice League.

Artist 21XFOUR imagined what the roster of DC’s new Justice League might look like, and following Henry Cavill’s Superman exit, the artist included one of the more popular fancasts for the role, with actor Wolfgang Novogratz (Sierra Burgess Is A Loser) as Superman.

The new Wonder Woman got imagined with Andor actress Adria Arjona as the Amazon.

The Green Lantern Hal Jordan is played by the younger Han Solo actor, Alden Ehrenreich.

George Mackay (1917) takes on from Ezra Miller as The Flash in the fan art.

Vikings star Alexander Ludwig becomes the new Aquaman.

And, finally, Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles is the veteran among the younger cast, playing Batman.

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When Will The DC Universe Justice League Debut?

new 52 Justice League

Gunn and Safran have announced the first ten projects in the new DC’s “Gods and Monsters” Chapter One, but a DC Universe Justice League movie was nowhere to be seen. While the absence may have been alarming at first, Gunn has since confirmed that the revealed slate of movies and TV shows from last January showed less than half of the projects that will make up this first chapter for the new direction DC is headed in. Gunn and Safran’s words in numerous interviews, plus the date for the Superman reboot, give an idea of when to expect the DC Universe Justice League to debut.

Gunn is currently hard at work writing the script for Superman: Legacy, which is set to debut in theaters in 2025. While The Flash will reset the DC Universe this year, the new Justice League is not coming as soon as fans expect. Gunn and Safran’s plan spans 8–10 years, and the duo has confirmed that their goal is to release two movies and two HBO Max series a year. Based on that, the Justice League reboot would come at the soonest in 2028. However, as Gunn has learned a thing or two with his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will likely take longer than that.

Gunn has talked about how his DC Universe is more planned than the MCU was when getting started, so the creative is likely going to be taking a careful approach when it comes to reintroducing the Justice League. Gunn has teased a number of DCU movies, and there will likely be an introduction in some form for every Justice League character before they come together in a team-up film as Marvel did with the Avengers. The DC Universe status of characters like Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman is currently unknown, which will have to change before the new Justice League comes around.

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