Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2.


  • David Tennant’s Huyang in Ahsoka is one of the first teachers for Jedi younglings, known for instructing them in lightsaber construction.
  • Huyang’s knowledge of lightsabers and his mentoring of Sabine demonstrate that even a droid can be a teacher to aspiring Jedi.
  • Huyang’s ability to comment on Sabine’s Force aptitude is intriguing considering droids cannot be Force-sensitive, highlighting the unique nature of his character in Ahsoka.

David Tennant’s Huyang in Ahsoka proves the interesting fact that one of the Jedi Order’s first teachers is a droid. Since Ahsoka‘s marketing began positioning the series as a sequel to Star Wars Rebels, much of the interest regarding characters has centered on the latter show’s returning players. However, one of the more interesting characters involved from an earlier Star Wars project is Tennant’s Professor Huyang.

Huyang first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, also voiced by Tennant in the animated show. Surprisingly, the character was revealed to return in Ahsoka‘s first teaser trailer, despite not playing a role in Star Wars Rebels. By the end of Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2, Huyang’s alliance with Ahsoka, Hera Syndulla, and Sabine Wren was solidified, with his interesting conversations with the Mandalorian warrior proving that the Jedi’s first teacher is actually a droid.

Professor Huyang Is One Of The First Instructors For Jedi Younglings

Droid Professor Huyang in Clone Wars

Despite this being reaffirmed in Ahsoka, Star Wars: The Clone Wars actually showcased that Professor Huyang is one of the first mentors for a Jedi youngling. Huyang’s main role in the Jedi Order before Order 66 revolved around youngling’s lightsabers. After the Gathering, the adventure the younglings undertake on the planet Ilum that sees them obtain their first kyber crystal, Huyang is responsible for teaching the young Jedi how to construct their own lightsabers.

Huyang held this position for thousands of years in the Jedi Order. As such, Huyang was around during the time of the High Republic and even mentored Jedi as old as Master Yoda on how to build kyber-based weaponry. Tennant’s character in Ahsoka continues this, with his knowledge of lightsabers in Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2 providing Easter eggs that reveal the villains’ mysterious pasts. His knowledge of such, as well as his mentoring of Sabine, proves that even a droid is capable of being one of the first teachers of aspiring Jedi.

Sabine's Jedi Training With Ahsoka and Huyang

Another interesting element of Tennant’s Huyang in Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2 was his comments to Sabine. One of the prevalent theories for Ahsoka was that Sabine would be revealed as Force-sensitive due to her training under the show’s titular Jedi. In Ahsoka episode 2, Huyang seemingly nullified these rumors by scathingly stating to Sabine that her Force aptitude was completely inferior to any Jedi the droid had ever mentored.

This is even more interesting when remembering the fact that droids cannot be Force-sensitive. A being’s connection to the Force comes through the microscopic organisms known as Midi-chlorians, something droids do not possess. Huyang’s ability to dictate Force-aptitude alongside his teaching of Jedi younglings in lightsaber construction, which is so intrinsic to the Force through kyber crystals, is made all the more intriguing in Ahsoka, with Tennant’s character sure to delve deeper into these elements as the show progresses.

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