• Daryl Dixon will serve as a “Messenger” in the new Walking Dead spinoff series, tasked with delivering a young boy named Laurent across France.
  • Laurent has lived with nuns and is part of a group called the Union of Hope, with his importance in restoring the world back to normal hinted in the trailer.
  • Daryl’s journey will involve interacting with multiple survivor groups, including a mysterious villain group, and battling both humans and acid zombies.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon star Louis Puech Scigliuzzi has opened up about Daryl’s role as a “Messenger” in the new spinoff series. The new series takes place after the events of The Walking Dead and sees Daryl (Norman Reedus) wash ashore in France. As he tries to get back home to Virginia, he ends up tasked with taking a young boy, Laurent (Scigliuzzi) across France for reasons that are currently vague.

Now, The Walking Dead has released a short video featuring Scigliuzzi teasing what to expect in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

He indicates Laurent has lived all his life with nuns, who are part of a group called the Union of Hope. A short clip of the show accompanying Scigliuzzi’s interview sees Isabelle (Clémence Poésy) calling Daryl a “Messenger,” who must “deliver Laurent.” Check out what Scigliuzzi had to say about his role in the show below:

[Laurent] is a little kid that lived all his life with nuns…. And it’s the story about this man who comes from America, Daryl Dixon.

Where Is Daryl Taking Laurent?

Daryl Dixon Laurent The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon trailer previously hinted that Daryl’s journey taking Laurent somewhere is an important part of the show’s overall story. In the original trailer, Isabelle indicates Laurent will be important for somehow restoring the world back to normal. While it’s not explicit about how Laurent is important, it’s possible he is somehow immune to the zombie virus and could be used to find a cure.

The trailer also hinted at a mysterious villain group who may be after Laurent for their own purposes. This means Daryl’s journey could see him interacting with multiple survivor groups across France, some of whom want Laurent for nefarious reasons. With some mystery still surrounding The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon‘s story, it’s possible Daryl’s journey through France will tie into how he wound up overseas.

Daryl will have plenty of dangers to contend with as he delivers Laurent, but not all of them will be human. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will introduce acid zombies, whose skin and blood can burn survivors. As Daryl falls into his role as Laurent’s Messenger, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will no doubt throw plenty of obstacles on his way to deliver the boy.

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