• Karen Page and Foggy Nelson will not be returning for Daredevil: Born Again, leading to speculation about their absence in the MCU’s Phase 5.
  • The absence of Karen and Foggy could be explained by the deal made between Daredevil and Kingpin in the Season 3 finale, where Kingpin promised not to harm them.
  • A theory suggests that Matt Murdock may have been a victim of Thanos’ snap, allowing Kingpin to potentially kill Karen and Foggy without repercussions. This could motivate Murdock to bring down Kingpin in the upcoming series.

One heartbreaking MCU fan theory might have answered major questions surrounding two notable missing characters from Marvel Studios’ upcoming Daredevil: Born Again. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confirmed the development of Daredevil: Born Again for the MCU’s Phase 5 at SDCC 2022, after both Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio had already reprised their roles from the Marvel Television series Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye, respectively. While both Cox and D’Onofrio have made the move from Netflix to the MCU, and they have since been joined by Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, there are several prominent characters who won’t be returning.

Unlike Marvel Studios’ other Disney+ shows, Daredevil: Born Again will take place over a whopping 18 episodes, and is currently expected to premiere in 2024, though this is likely to change due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood. Cox and D’Onofrio will be returning as Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, and Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, reigniting their rivalry that started in Netflix’s Defenders Saga. Although Daredevil: Born Again’s main stars will be joined by a host of MCU newcomers, there was speculation that several characters from Daredevil could join the MCU, too, but there will be two major omissions from Matt Murdock’s upcoming story.

Karen Page & Foggy Nelson Won’t Be In Daredevil: Born Again

Karen Page and Foggy Nelson in Daredevil on Netflix

Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson debuted as Karen Page and Franklin “Foggy” Nelson in Daredevil, Matt Murdock’s closest friends and colleagues at law firm Nelson & Murdock. Karen and Foggy were at the heart of Daredevil’s story, helping Murdock with both his professional and vigilante escapades, but it seems this won’t continue in the MCU’s Phase 5. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Woll and Henson won’t be returning for Daredevil: Born Again, and though this means they could be recast, this would likely cause controversy among MCU fans. Even so, there is one way Marvel Studios can explain Karen and Foggy’s absence from the next chapter in Daredevil’s story.

The Blip & A Daredevil Season 3 Deal May Be Bad News For Karen And Foggy

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in original costume in Daredevil season 3

Daredevil released three seasons on Netflix prior to the series’ cancelation in 2018, and the season 3 finale, “A New Napkin,” ended with an epic and brutal battle between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk at the latter’s own wedding. This fight ends with Kingpin being bested by Daredevil, and presented with a deal: Murdock wouldn’t have Fisk’s wife, Vanessa, imprisoned for the murder of Agent Ray Nadeem, as long as Kingpin promised not to harm Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, and keep his own identity a secret. This could provide the basis for Karen and Foggy’s absence from Daredevil: Born Again, particularly in the wake of the MCU’s Blip.

One theory posed by Reddit user Intelligent_Sail_896 suggests that Matt Murdock may have been a victim of Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War, whereas Wilson Fisk, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson survived. Daredevil’s apparent death would have presented Kingpin with the perfect opportunity to kill Karen and Foggy without the threat of Vanessa being put in danger. While off-screen deaths would be tragic fates for Murdock’s closest friends, this would provide an added layer of motivation for Murdock to bring down Kingpin in Daredevil: Born Again, and would perfectly explain Karen and Foggy’s mysterious omission from the upcoming MCU series.

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