• Matthew Gray Gubler’s reunion with Criminal Minds co-star Joe Mantegna sparks hope that he may return as Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2.
  • Gubler’s absence in the first season of the revival series had to do with scheduling conflicts and his desire to explore other career opportunities.
  • Mantegna and Gubler’s dinner doesn’t confirm anything, but it’s possible that the subject of Gubler’s return in season 2 was discussed, especially given their close relationship on and off-screen.

Actor Matthew Gray Gubler reunites with his Criminal Minds co-star after his absence in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1. The original Criminal Minds cast member played Dr. Spencer Reid for 15 seasons, but unlike the majority of his co-stars, he didn’t return for the Paramount+ revival. A new image, however, sparks hopes that Gubler may be back as Reid when Criminal Minds: Evolution returns for season 2.

In a new image shared by Dave Rossi actor, Joe Mantegna, he recently reunited with Gubler for a great Criminal Minds photo. Check their adorable image below:

Mantegna doesn’t say anything about Gubler reprising Reid in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, but the image suggests optimism that the BAU’s golden boy will finally make an appearance in the next iteration of the Paramount+ project.

Will Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid Return In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

The whole Criminal Minds cast looking at the camera in the series finale

At this point, there is still confusion as to why Gubler didn’t partake in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1. There were initial reports that he didn’t want to be in it but would later on. Having devoted a decade and a half of his career to the original CBS series, the actor supposedly wanted to venture out and try other things. Subsequently, however, it was revealed that Reid’s absence also had to do with scheduling conflicts. Regardless of the true reason, there’s no denying that the BAU’s resident genius was sorely missed during the team’s hunt for Sicarius.

Mantegna and Gubler’s dinner is perhaps nothing more than two former co-stars catching up. However, it’s difficult to imagine that the subject of Criminal Minds: Evolution wasn’t at least brought up. It’s uncertain if this is the first time that the pair has seen each other since the original CBS show ended, but this would have been the perfect opportunity for Mantegna to personally pitch a role for Reid in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. The veteran actor himself said that he has a father-and-son dynamic with Gubler, which could be integral in convincing him to return.

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Gubler’s happy demeanor in the image is great for the chances of him returning to the Criminal Minds universe. Even if he doesn’t join the Paramount+ revival as a series regular, it’s difficult to imagine that he doesn’t at least consider making a brief cameo. In any case, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 has established that Reid is still part of the BAU and is only assigned elsewhere, so it won’t be difficult to reincorporate him in season 2.

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