Criminal Minds: Evolution teases fans with the possibility of a Penelope and Luke relationship once again, and this time, it might stick.

The Criminal Minds: Evolution Luke and Penelope pairing has been shipped by viewers since the original series, and the revival of Evolution tantalizingly breathes life into those thirsty Garvez fantasies once more. Garvez, the fan-base devised, combined surnames of Kirsten Vangsness’ Penelope Garcia and Adam Rodriguez’s Luke Alvez, had been a painfully desired match up until the cancelation of Criminal Minds that capped the series at season 15. Upon its renewal for its latest installment, Criminal Minds: Evolution provides the BAU the opportunity for even more exciting escapades that now include, to every fan’s delight, a developing in-house romance.

This is especially exciting, seeing as time and again, Penelope Garcia has been underutilized in Criminal Minds. Penelope’s quirky and amusing identity, in addition to her fun banter with the rest of the BAU, has always served as the best comic relief for the grim nature of the crime series, but she has often been diluted to those comedic moments and more so than the others that make up the team. Criminal Minds: Evolution has made strides in depicting Penelope’s character this season, especially in featuring the long-awaited incorporation of her romantic life, which hints it’s finally time for Penelope to be at the center of attention.

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Criminal Minds Evolution Season 1’s Ending Hints At Garvez

Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds: Evolution

Kirsten Vangsness has spoken on Penelope’s love life, citing Garcia’s growth in confidence from past seasons, to explain why the dynamics for love are now different for her. Evolution sees Penelope pursue an interest in herself, with viewers able to witness her determination to live healthily, confront her traumas, and set boundaries — and this is certainly obvious in the last episode when she breaks things off with love interest slash vigilante Tyler Green to keep her best interest in mind. Evolution’s season 1 ending hints at the possibility of Garvez, as Penelope becomes a free agent looking particularly for someone that knows her better and truly.

So, while Penelope is not obsessing over it, fans are left wondering if a Criminal Minds Garcia and Alvez romance will be a delicious accompaniment to Penelope’s life in the future. Evolution’s first season’s ending asserts Penelope’s openness to love but not at the cost of her relationship with herself or her progress. Of course, this is a major tease for Garvez enthusiasts as they have witnessed a season full of Alvez’s efforts to deepen his bond with Penelope, establish trust and comfort with her, and encourage her to be the person audiences absolutely admire.

Why Criminal Minds Evolution Season 2 Needs To Make Garvez Happen

Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope in Criminal Minds: Evolution

The Criminal Mind’s Gold Star mystery will not be the only thing audiences are waiting to uncover in Evolution season 2. For some, the flashback of an isolated date between Garcia and Alvez is enough to confirm that it is simply not time for Garvez, yet, and anticipation for the couple has only been renewed. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has the dual opportunity to answer this much-awaited inquiry into the Garvez situationship while manifesting Penelope’s desires for the life she imagines.

Criminal Minds has had a history of fully developing the romantic lives of members of the BAU, with notable examples in Aaron Hotchner and JJ Jareau. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 sets up Penelope well for her own romantic endeavors, especially because the profiles of every individual are so integral to the show. The hope is that Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 will continue to take on Penelope’s arc and, fingers crossed, that that arc will intertwine with Luke Alvez’s.

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