Creed III overperforms from its already strong opening weekend expectations, easily breaking another major domestic box office world record.

Creed III has broken yet another major box office record. The film, which is the third entry in the Rocky spinoff trilogy, features Michael B. Jordan returning as legacy boxer Adonis Creed as well as taking the reigns as director, making his feature directorial debut. Also returning are Tessa Thompson and Florian Munteanu, with MCU’s Kang star Jonathan Majors joining as a new competitor. The film opened in theaters on March 3 and indefatigably broke various box office records, including having the highest opening weekend of the Creed franchise and earning the best weekend for any Amazon Studios release in a single day.


Per Deadline, at the end of Creed III‘s opening weekend the film has now reached a domestic box office total of $58.6 million. This means that in addition to the records it has already handily bested, it has added one more to its roster. It now has the highest opening weekend of any sports film of all time at the domestic box office.

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Creed 4 is Inevitable Now, Right?

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Creed III seemed like the inevitable end to a trilogy of spinoff films, reversing the titular boxer’s fortunes and giving his character arc new heft. However, now that the film has become such a massive success, it seems impossible that the studio won’t greenlight another entry. That announcement has not yet been made at the time of writing.

Even if Creed 4 moves forward, as Jordan seems sure it will, it may still take quite some time to reach theaters. The Creed films have proven that they are in no rush to theaters, as the gaps between the previous three films have been considerable. After 2015’s Creed, Creed II came to theaters in 2018 with this new entry following five years later, meaning that Creed 4 could potentially take another half decade to arrive.

That time jump may help the sequel to Creed III in the long run. With that many years between the release of the original film and its third sequel, Creed could now be in a position to be a mentor to a new young boxer, allowing him to fill the role that Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) played in his life in the first two films. That would be the most logical follow-up that could allow this now sprawling franchise to continue even further into the future after already existing on screens for nearly 50 years.

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