Cobra Kai will be wrapping up with season 6, and it has set itself up to give Johnny Lawrence one last Mr. Miyagi moment. Though Daniel’s old sensei and his teenage rival from The Karate Kid couldn’t be any more different from one another, Johnny took on Mr. Miyagi’s role as the wise teacher in Cobra Kai. This was the premise that first made the series so enjoyable in its first season. Now, after several seasons and a lot of action, Cobra Kai can bring back this unlikely connection.


After Mr. Miyagi saved Daniel LaRusso from Johnny and the other bullies in The Karate Kid, the scene became iconic. This made the similar moment in Cobra Kai season 1 all the more impactful. Of course, this time, it was Johnny who had stepped into the role of karate hero, and he who took the underdog teenager under his wing to pass on his karate skills. The recycled formula with a twist made the series a hit, but Cobra Kai has taken its own path in subsequent seasons. However, now that it’s wrapping up, Johnny’s story needs to return to its roots—and the perfect moment has already been set up.

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Johnny’s Cobra Kai Ending Should Copy Mr. Miyagi From Karate Kid 2


Going into Cobra Kai season 6, Terry Silver has finally been put behind bars, but John Kreese’s escape from prison indicates that he will be the final villain of the series. Whether he will ultimately earn redemption from Johnny is unclear, but the two certainly have many unresolved issues that would need to be sorted out first. Given both their natures, it seems this would be worked out as a fight. If this is the case, it would provide Johnny the perfect opportunity to finish his Cobra Kai story by repeating an iconic Mr. Miyagi moment.

In The Karate Kid Part 2, Mr. Miyagi confronted Kreese outside the All-Valley Tournament after Johnny took home the second prize trophy. In this scene, Kreese challenged Miyagi to a fight—one that Daniel’s teacher could easily win. In the final moments, when Mr. Miyagi could have seriously injured or killed Kreese, he honked his nose instead, demonstrating the importance of mercy. Years later, in Cobra Kai season 6, Johnny and Kreese will finish their story, and a similar ending to their last epic battle would be perfect.

Johnny Copying Miyagi Would Pay Off His Cobra Kai Season 1 Story

Johnny in Cobra Kai, tying on his headband and Mr. Miyagi holding chopsticks in The Karate Kid

Since Cobra Kai picked up by recreating Johnny and Mr. Miyagi’s first interaction from The Karate Kid, it only makes sense that it would finish with their last. Johnny Lawrence was the last person anyone would have expected to fill Mr. Miyagi’s shoes, and though his methods are drastically different, the outcome has been the same. Johnny has made a difference in his students’ lives just like his old nemesis’ master. Now, he can make a difference in his sensei’s life—which would bring the story full circle.

The scene from The Karate Kid Part 2 wasn’t just Johnny’s last interaction with Mr. Miyagi, it was also the moment he left Cobra Kai Dojo and the sensei that had been like a father to him. Now that he is finishing out his story in Cobra Kai, there would be no better way than to reference both Johnny’s ironic parallels with Mr. Miyagi and that moment when he realized that John Kreese wasn’t the kind of sensei he deserved—all with the honk of a nose.

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