A fight in Cobra Kai season 5 proves that Mr. Miyagi would easily defeat Chozen. Pat Morita’s character has long been known as the best fighter in The Karate Kid movies, with Chozen taking on a similar title in the Netflix sequel series. Played by Yuji Okumuto, Chozen Toguchi was once nothing more than another adversary of Daniel LaRusso, but events taking place in Cobra Kai demonstrate the great strides the character has made in his training since those days.


Chozen’s continued devotion to the ways of karate and the gap between him and characters like Daniel has enabled him to be seen as the closest the franchise will ever come to another Mr. Miyagi. An early indicator of his skill was his victory over Daniel in season 3, with his performance in the fight against Terry Silver serving as yet another testament to his capabilities in the season 5 finale. He ultimately lost their showdown due to his drunken state and a momentary distraction, but what happened was enough to erase any doubts that Chozen is the superior fighter.

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Chozen Still Isn’t As Skilled As Mr. Miyagi

Cobra Kai Mr Miyagi

In spite of how far he’s come since his humiliating loss to Daniel in The Karate Kid Part II, Chozen still isn’t as powerful as Mr. Miyagi was during the timeframe of the films. The divide between the two characters was on display during Chozen’s climactic battle with Silver. His ability to challenge Silver where Daniel and Johnny couldn’t was impressive to say the least, but pales in comparison to what Mr. Miyagi was able to pull off. In a single fight in The Karate Kid Part III, Morita’s character made short work of Mike Barnes, Kreese, and Silver in quick succession.

After beating Kreese as if he were just a minion of Silver, Mr. Miyagi proceeded to deal with The Karate Kid Part III villain. Though the massive age difference afforded Silver a huge advantage, he still couldn’t land a blow on Mr. Miyagi, who beat him with just counterattacks and defensive moves. He hardly exerted himself, whereas Chozen’s standoff with Silver was a fiercely competitive fight. Chozen likely would have fared a bit better had he not been drunk, but it’s worth noting that he was going up against an aged Terry Silver in Cobra Kai. Mr. Miyagi, on the other hand, defeated Silver in his prime.

Cobra Kai Will Never Have A Character That Could Beat Mr. Miyagi

Cobra Kai Season 5 Chozen Mike Barnes

As evidenced by the fight between Silver and Chozen, there just isn’t a character in Cobra Kai that can rival Mr. Miyagi. The franchise is full of highly skilled fighters, but most are on similar levels to each other. There really isn’t anyone who could beat two top fighters like Kreese and Silver without facing any difficulty. Chozen may be stronger than them, but the effortless beatdowns given out by Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid Part III are feats only his character is capable of achieving.

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